Makeup to conceal acne and scars

Pimples are the unwelcome guests even during our adulthood. The worst part is the pesky scars they leave behind! If you are someone who suffers from acne quite often and is tired of treating those stubborn spots, makeup might just be your best friend. Here are some awesome tips that will help conceal those marks with makeup.

Moisturise your skin

Make sure that you keep your skin clean and hydrated before you apply any cosmetics. No matter what skin type you have, moisturising is the key to flawless application of makeup and avoiding a cakey face. Even if you tend to have oily skin, you can choose from various oil-free lotions. Apply it properly and let it seep into your skin for the best finish.

Prime it up!

After your moisturiser sinks in, apply a good amount of pore minimising primer that would not only smoothen your skin surface, but also reduce the appearance of those large pores. It ensures that your makeup stays for a longer period of time as well. Once the primer is settled, give a few seconds before applying the foundation to get a flawless finish.

Spot conceal in a crisscross manner

As we know, a concealer helps in covering dark circles or brightening the areas that we would like to highlight. But did you know with a good coverage concealer, you can hide those acne scars too? Take an ample amount of it and cover each area by drawing an “x” on it. The crisscross pattern will make sure that the mark is fully covered. Opt for a good product to get the best results.

Pat the concealer

After applying the concealer, make sure that you blend it correctly. And by blending, it does not mean rubbing it on your skin. Gently pat the product on the area that you’ve applied with your fingers, as scrubbing it will leave streaks on your face and the scars won’t be fully covered. Take your time to do this step right to avoid getting lines and patches on your face.

Use a medium coverage foundation

Using a foundation that has good coverage will ensure that your acne and scars are well covered. However, make sure that it is an oil-free and mattifying product to prevent stickiness on your face. Apply it evenly and blend it properly with a stippling brush. This brush will ensure that the base is merged seamlessly giving a maximum coverage. Also, this way, you won’t be wiping off or moving your concealer.

Set your makeup in place

After applying the base, make sure that you set it in place to avoid a patchy look. Dust some loose powder or compact on your face after applying the foundation. Especially if you have oily skin, the makeup needs setting for the rest of the day to take out any excess oil present.

Seal the look with setting spray

Once the makeup is applied, it is essential to put on a setting spray to make the look last longer. Take the product that is meant to mattify your skin and gently splash it on your face by avoiding the eye area. It will not only keep the makeup lusterless but will also melt down any excess powders.Take a beauty blender and dab on your face to remove the extra dust so that your makeup looks flawless.

While scars on the face in no way would diminish your beauty, if you feel like you would like to hide them on occasions, you can try these tips.

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