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Tips to keep bad breath away

Bad breath is a very common problem and it can affect your quality of life. In fact, it could affect your professional as well as social life quite significantly, which is why you should resolve the problem quickly and effectively. Thankfully, you need not hurry to the doctor or spend a lot of money on expensive medicines to get rid of this problem.

There are quite a few simple solutions that are effective in eliminating the odour and you can try them out yourself with no side effects on your health. So, here are some easy- to- implement foul breath remedies for you:

Make rinsing with a mouthwash a habit

Mouthwash is the simplest and most effective way to get rid of halitosis or bad breath. Most of us know the importance of brushing twice a day, but it is quite possible that we fail to clean all of the crevices of our mouth perfectly even with the most efficient of brushing actions. Thankfully, rinsing with mouthwash can help fill in the gaps and get rid of bacteria thoroughly.

Armed with a bottle of Listerine’s tried and tested mouthwash in your bathroom closet, you are all ready to rinse the bacteria right out of your mouth. The brand’s mouthwash range has some exciting variants like peppermint, fresh tea, and fresh mint so you have a good choice here too.

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Candy mints

Making sure your breath smells fresh when you have to face a client for a meeting in the middle of the day may be a problem that you face often. You can’t take a quick break to go brush your teeth or rinse your mouth, can you? But there is a simple solution for this problem and it fits right in your pocket or handbag.

Just pick up a pack or two of Dizzle mints and carry it along with you wherever you go. To face your friends or client all you need to do is pop in a couple of them and chew to get fresh instantly. The bonus here is that you can pick up your choice of flavours from orange, minty or red apple for variety.

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Breath strips for oral hygiene

A similarly compact solution is also available in the form of Listerine breath strips. All you have to do is place a strip on your tongue and let it melt away the odour from your mouth. It’s easy to carry in your bag or pocket and an instant solution while on-the-go.

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Effective cleaning with a charcoal toothbrush

Charcoal has some impressive antibacterial properties that help keep the bacteria build up in your mouth to a minimum and prevent bad breath quite effectively.

You can get the benefits of charcoal quite simply by using Colgate’s new slim charcoal toothbrush that cleans your teeth and mouth more effectively with every single use and also fights halitosis. The Colgate charcoal deep clean toothpaste is a good companion to this toothbrush that helps you fight against breath odour quite significantly.

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Wrigley’s orbit chewing gum for oral hygiene

A similarly compact solution is also available in the form of a chewing gum. While they keep your breath smelling fresh, they also whiten your teeth and help keep plaque and tartar away. If you want to improve your oral hygiene while fighting halitosis, a pack of this in your bag or pocket may be just the way to go!

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Take your pick from the solutions we have listed here or maybe use them in turns to ensure that you will never face any awkward or downright embarrassing situations among friends, family or work colleague because of bad mouth odour.


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