Your guide to dewy look this Valentine’s Day

The trend of having a dewy, glowing and luminescent skin is back! This has been inspired by the popular Korean beauty technique of glass skin that emphasises on having a radiant complexion with healthy skin. This is not just limited to makeup, as it includes a lot of self-caring as well. Since giving Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you would definitely want to look your most beautiful self naturally. Here’s an easy guide to how you can achieve it.

Drink plenty of water

Yes, this may sound too mainstream, but it is one of the reasons behind healthy looking skin. Two litres of water a day is a must to keep yourself hydrated. Consuming plenty of it is vital if you want to achieve a glowing skin naturally.


Exposure to harmful rays, dirt, pollution and many other particles in the environment gets our pores clogged and makes our skin look dull. It is essential to get rid of them and hence exfoliation becomes a must. Choose a gentle scrub suitable for your skin type and make sure to use it on your face 1-2 times a week. This will not only make your skin smoother but will also clear the dry skin or dead skin cells.

Use a good quality cleanser

Opt for cleansers that meet requirements based on your skin type. Wash your face twice a day thoroughly. Removing any traces of makeup or oil is important before you start with your skincare routine or makeup application. Make sure to use a good product that hydrates your skin and retains its natural moisture.

Hydrating toners are the best follow-ups

Korean skincare includes patting the toner into your skin 7 times so that it penetrates deep in and improves blood circulation. If you want to maintain optimum skin hydration, choose a toner containing various antioxidants and fatty acids. Your skin will feel vibrant and smooth over a period of time and will be blessed with a natural glow.

Serums and facial oils are your best friends

Applying a serum or facial oil that has hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient does wonders. It provides an instant boost of hydration and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.  To get a natural tint of blush and a healthy skin, go for your choice of product after using a toner and before moisturising.

Moisturising is the key to dewy skin

Nourishing your skin regularly with a good cream is a must. Look for a moisturiser that suits you and make sure to use it twice a day. The basic step to achieve glowing skin is plenty of creaming. It not just boosts the external layer or your body but also seeps in and nurtures internally.

Apply a hydrating mask

Revive your dry and dull skin through a hydrating mask 1-2 times a week and see the differences it makes! You can apply it after a long tiring day or just to pamper yourself during weekends. It will not only provide ample moisture to your skin but will also reduce any inflammations or redness. You can choose a product that prevents drying the skin and provides elasticity.

Makeup tips for dewy skin

Choose an illuminating primer
Apply an illuminating primer to prep your skin before applying makeup. It will instantly make your skin look radiant. Apart from nourishing and hydrating your skin, it will also lock in the moisture. Maintain that dewy look throughout the day by choosing this product over a mattifying one.

Don’t opt for a mattifying foundation
A matte foundation usually will absorb all the shine on your face as it can be dehydrating. It is not ideal to use it if you’re targeting a dewy skin. You can opt for the ones that mention illuminating, hydrating, moisturising and those which are used for normal to dry skin. Choose the ones that suit you well as it will help make a perfect base for makeup.

Use highlighters or illuminators
Highlighters are one of the easiest ways to get that dewy looking skin. You can use it to enhance the highest points on your face such as cheekbones, nose, temples, cupid’s bow, chin, inner corner of the eyes and brow bones. In case you want to enhance the look even further, you can add a few drops of liquid highlighters or illuminators to your foundation and then apply it on your face to get a nice sheen.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to achieve a healthy glass skin and look fabulous on Valentine’s Day.

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