Top 5 trending lip gloss colours  

Adding a pop of colour and shimmer to your style, lip glosses are taking over the beauty world! Easy to apply, moisturising, vivacious tones and scented, this product does wonders to your lips. Bored of just lipsticks? Try out these amazing shades directly or on your lipsticks to add more drama and shine to your look.


A blend of pink and purple, it is an absolute beauty for your lips. With varying tones, this hue is an eye catcher for ladies with a lighter complexion. A vibrant and flirty shade for a day and evening wear! This tint pops your lips and makes them look plumper. It is suitable for those who have average, heart-shaped and round lips. Match it with a bright coloured liner and some mascara to rock it.

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Going with a nude makeup has been a must try look since spring/summer 2019 fashion shows set the bar. It is a subtle colour that tones down your look, but also highlights your features gently. Invisible gloss is something that can be worn for any look any time of the day. It makes your lips look healthy and keeps them soft. A coat of this on any shaped lips will look classy and adds a natural touch. With a cat eye or winged black liner, you can pull this raw look with any outfit.

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Those who are gentle and shy in nature or the ones who like it calm and peace are more attracted to this colour. They bring out the calm side of those who hide behind books and glasses. A perfect tone for college going girls who would love to make a statement without speaking. It suits all shaped lips but especially highlights those with thin ones. It can also be a day look for everyday office wear as well.

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A bold and attractive hue for those who wish to stand out in a crowd. It portrays dominance, confidence but also the feminine side of the women. This shade is a go-to for a day or a night look. It will highlight those who have thin and average lips and is also suitable for someone with plump lips. This berry shade can be perfect for dark coloured clothing. It’s suitable for an evening date and traditional functions.

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This shade of brown with a hint of yellow in it makes a beautiful colour for your lips. A subtle tone which adds a little fun and charm to your look. It can work during day or night and anyone can pull it off with any kind of clothing. By toning down your look, this shade brings notice to your facial features. The soothing toned lips can be complemented with a hint of blush on your cheeks and a gentle shimmer on your eyes.

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Well ladies, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you all would want to look fabulous for a romantic date or a fun time with your friends. Try out these happening colours and look gorgeous.

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