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7 Delicious assortments of sweets to serve at your Holi party

Holi is one of the most loved festivals of India, for its uniqueness in bringing joy to people in a colourful way. It’s a day which is celebrated widely across the world and among various religions and faiths. The joyous event is filled with laughter, music, a variety of sweets and mainly colours.

With many planning to throw the perfect Holi party, food is something that comes to the mind to plan ahead for the event. Here we have a few amazing sweets and smoothie recipes for you to try to add the wow factor to your party.


Pumpkin barfi

This sweet made with pumpkin and a handful of dry fruits makes it both delicious and healthy. It’s easy to prepare and serve and is also suitable for a small or a large group. The sweetness of the vegetable is balanced out with ghee and khova which also adds thickness and texture to the dish. Plan it out beforehand so you can also cut them in fun shapes.

Tip: You can take a toothpick and prick either 1 or 2 pieces of the barfi in the middle and keep them on the serving plate. You can keep melted chocolate or milkmaid on the side if people prefer to dip and eat the sweet.

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Makhane ki barfi

A simple and quick sweet recipe that does not take much effort nor create a mess! It is perfect for a gathering, as it is quick to pass around or to serve as well. Made from puffed lotus seeds, coconut and dry fruits, this is a must try for this coming festival party. A clever dish to please any taste bud!

Tip: You can keep melted chocolate or sweetened coconut cream on the side if people prefer to dip and eat the sweet.

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Oats chocolate toffee

Who doesn’t love something with chocolate? It is a simple snack like dessert that is quick to prepare and has a touch of goodness. Made with oats and cocoa powder as the base ingredients, this dish is a must try for a house gathering. Flavoured with milk powder and vanilla essence, it makes a mouthwatering snack for everyone.

Tip: These quick bites can be served or wrapped as return gifts.

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Cranberry chocolate cupcakes

Perfect for the young crowd, this dessert recipe can make a mark on the taste buds of your guests. It is a simple bake no-egg cupcake that is easy to prepare and serve with your favourite topping. Made with rich chocolate and cranberries, the bitterness of cocoa has a tang of berry to balance the flavour. Depending on the invite list you can plan ahead, make batches and keep them ready to be served.

Tip: Serve with fresh whipped cream, butterscotch or caramel crumbs sprinkles.

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A refreshing drink for a daylong celebration is something that can delight your guests. As we celebrate and play around with colours, we definitely need to boost ourselves with a delicious and healthy drink.

Amritsari pede wali lassi

This drink is a very popular and delicious beverage from the streets of Amritsar. Melt-in-your-mouth pedas combined with lassi makes the perfect beverage for holi. This recipe will surely take you back in time where you used to enjoy delicious lassis at your grandma’s during the holidays. Easy to prepare, you can serve this drink with a peda at its side.

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Watermelon strawberry smoothie

Hydrating and tasty is a perfect combination for a drink. With the zest of strawberry and mild flavour of watermelon, this makes a delicious recipe for a day event. This is also healthy as it is sweetened with honey and sprinkled with chia, which is loaded with many nutrients. Easy to make, you can plan and shop for fresh fruits to prepare and keep it ready to serve.

Tip: Serve it with bits of fruits in it or pin it at the edge of the glass.

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Cashew cardamom rose smoothie

A mouthwatering recipe filled with wholesome goodness to boost your and your guest’s energy. Made with banana, dry fruits and chia seeds, it is fulfilling and energising. Flavoured with rose, vanilla, caradamom and sea salt, it’s ideal for anyone’s taste buds. It’s perfect refreshment for a day or an evening holi party. Sprinkle a few crushed dry fruits or arrange rose petals on it while serving them.

Click here for the recipe

With so many options for a sweet menu, it is definitely going to rock the Holi party you host. Why wait? Go ahead and plan away!



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