Makeup and Lighting- What you need to know

Have you ever stepped out and noticed that you looked different than you expected when you had applied the makeup? Well, it’s not the fault of your products or your skills, as it is the effect of the lighting around you.

There are certain tips to keep in mind while applying makeup for various types of lights that might be present at places you plan to go. It is not about wearing more or fewer cosmetics but it’s about how well you plan your look keeping a note on the kind of lighting in mind. Here we have a list of things to consider while you get ready.

Bright mid-day light

On a bright sunny day or during the mid of the day, it is ideal to wear a BB cream, CC cream or even a tinted moisturiser. Makeup with less texture is what should be applied when the sun is out and the light falls on the face directly. You can choose products that have a semi-matte finish, apply some blush on your cheeks and a coat of mascara to look all fresh and glowing.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • A full face makeup or a complete coverage foundation is a no-no.
  • Stay away from highlighters and minimise contouring.
  • If you wish to apply eye makeup, don’t apply it on your lower lash line since it tends to exaggerate dark circles if you have any.

Fluorescent lights in the interiors of office, retail stores, or other indoor places

Opting for dewy or luminous products does the trick if you are a working woman or just visiting a store for shopping. A touch of bright blush and bronzer is a great option. Office lightings or any fluorescent lights are too bright and just over your head and as they have a greenish-yellow tone, it makes you look a lot more tired. To combat the tones, it is advisable to opt for dewy makeup products.

Tips to keep in mind:

Do not go for mattifying products and avoid applying eye makeup on your bottom lash line.

Soft light during cloudy days

On gloomy days, it is appropriate to add a pop of colour on your face by wearing bright lipstick and blush. A dewy finished foundation, light contouring and a hint of highlighter will give you the glow you need. The lights during cloudy days can vary from soft sunlight to a grey and cloudy sky. Soft sunlight always makes you look flattering, however, if the day turns cloudy, it is advisable to make a few changes. Since heavy lashes may look misplaced during the light, you can go all out and wear coats of mascara or even falsies if you like to when the light turns hazy.

Tips to keep in mind:

Avoid products that mattify your skin.

Afternoon light or golden hours

The time approximately between 3 pm and sunset is often known as the golden hours. You can carry out any look you prefer to during this time of the day. The imperfections on your face tend to diffuse with the lower angle of the sunlight, and therefore you can opt for the style of your choice. The light tends to put warmth on your face automatically, thus make sure not to focus on colours that have a warm undertone.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep away from heavy makeup that includes warm shades of blush and bronzer.
  • Avoid heavy blushes on your cheeks.

Soft lights of evening

Choosing products that reflect light is advisable after the sun sets. You can apply the foundation of your choice, use a highlighter and choose bright colours for lips and eyes. Exterior lights that are over your head are often flattering but can interfere with the shadows created on your face. They bring out the hollows of your bones which does not look good under the eyes. To avoid that chuck subtle colours and go bold.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to conceal your under eyes well.
  • Limit your contour and avoid going heavy on it.
  • Avoid the eye makeup on the lower lash line.


You can go all crazy with makeup when you are out for a date, in low lighting restaurants and bars, or even a movie theatre. A bright lipstick, heavy blush, pop of colour on your eyes, bold lips and loads of highlighter will make you look stunning. Sheer or subtle makeup does not give a wow factor under low lights, so make sure you take the drama to the next level! You can intensify your look since this type of lighting does not pick up much compared to brighter illuminations.

Tips to keep in mind:

Keep in mind not to go for a minimal look.

It is necessary to apply makeup according to the lighting outside, especially when you decide to go out and want to look your best. Keep these simple tips in mind and it will help you look gorgeous any time of the day.


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