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5-course meal recipes for a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner

For all those who want to stay in and have a romantic meal with your loved one, we have some delicious recipes you can try. Here we have an amazing 5-course dinner planned out for you to enjoy on your Valentine’s Day.


Creamy tomato soup

A classic all-time favourite soup that is loved by many. Creamy and tangy, this dish is easy and quick to make. This combination of tomato puree and freshly cooked tomatoes are combined with spices and blended into a rich soup, which is made all the more luxuriant by the addition of fresh cream. Kindle the appetite by serving it fresh with bread croutons and wake your taste buds.

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Italian-style pumpkin soup

This soup is a perfect start for your meal. It is rich, creamy and delicious with a touch of spice that makes the dish mouth-watering. Enhanced with peppercorn, bay leaf and oregano, it is a must-try. Easy to make, this recipe has a light texture and subtle flavours to highlight it. What more is needed to start off an amazing dinner with your date?

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Caprese salad

For the ones who love a healthy bite with their meal, this recipe is easy and quick to prepare. With the juiciness of tomato, a hint of fresh basil and a soft bite of mozzarella cheese, it’s full of flavours. Arrange them on a plate before adding the seasoning to it. Complement it with a dab of olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of pepper to complete the dish.

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Honey chilli fries

Who doesn’t love this combination? A sweet and spicy flavour in every crunch of the potato is simply delicious. A simple starter to quench the thirst for carbs! This dish can be a perfect munch to have a conversation with a drink before you start with the main course. Topped with a few veggies and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, it can stand out on its own without the need for a dip.

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Baby corn kebab

Want to add a touch of spice to your dinner? Well, this is the perfect dish for it. Simple to prepare, this kebab is enhanced with mouthwatering masala. The baby corn is cooked as a whole and covered with a blend of spices and boiled potato. It is then deep fried till its crispy and golden brown. The extra crunch is provided with cornflakes to enhance the taste of the overall kebab.

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Main course

Phadthai Green Curry Noodles

Made in a jiffy, this recipe is a good bet for a delicious, healthy dinner. Broccoli and zucchini generously boost the good-health quotient of this dish. The sweetness in the dish is that of sugar and coconut milk powder, making it healthy. Green chillies and Thai green paste pep up the taste but feel free to adjust their quantities as per your liking. The green paste is prepared using loads of healthy herbs which makes this recipe a nutritious, healthy and delicious dish to enjoy for Valentine’s Day. This a quick recipe for health freaks who also love loads of flavours.

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Perfect chocolate mousse

Let’s make it more obvious that it’s Valentine’s Day with loads of chocolate. This cocoa rich sweet is creamy, and soft and melts in the mouth with every bite. It goes well with a glass of wine or champagne to unwind and share with your loved one. It is simple and easy to make without a fuss and can be served in small glasses or cups.

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Strawberry and coconut pana cotta

The romantic touch of strawberry to your dessert is a perfect end to the dinner. This flavourful recipe is easy to prepare and can be layered in a transparent glass or cup to highlight its look. The sweetness of the fruits balanced with coconut makes it a delectable combo. A dish you can plan ahead to let it set so you don’t have to fuss about it before dinner.

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As the saying goes, “Tasty food can win over any heart!” So just follow the simple instructions and you will be all set for your date.

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