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The low-down on different types of body washes

Caring for your entire body is just as important as you do for your face. Body washes are one of the best cleansers to try, as they are quick and easy to use. However, there are many different types available in the market to choose from. Each has its own unique benefits when compared to the others. They have varying formulas and are meant for people with different skin types. If you’re wondering what these would be, let us help you throw light on the various kinds of body washes.

Shower gels

These are gel-based body washes which are clear, come in bright colours most of the times and are often labelled as a body wash or shower gel. They mainly focus on cleaning the body and contain water as a major ingredient. The product also has conditioning agents in them that help keep your skin hydrated. However, they have a stronger fragrance compared to that of soaps or shampoos.

As they come in varying fragrances, you will have several choices to opt for the flavour you want. Most of all, they are quite budget-friendly. Also, since they are refreshing, one can use them to make their body feel fresh during summers or in a hot and humid climate. People with normal to oily skin can opt for it but if you are someone with sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid the product and go for something much gentler.

Suggested products: Nivea powerfruit fresh shower gel and Palmolive shower gel aroma morning.

Shower creams

The cream-based body washes have a slightly thicker and buttery consistency compared to the shower gels. They look very similar to the body lotions and fall under various names like nourishing, moisturising, cream oil, etc. Shower creams have more conditioning agents than that of other body washes, thus keeping your skin hydrated even when you wash it off your body. Also, they have a very gentle formula and don’t dry out your skin compared to the products.

If you’re someone with dry and sensitive skin, you should include this in your daily routine. These can also be used during winters when your skin tends to get parched more than usual. It is not advisable to use it during summers or in hot and humid climates since it might make your body feel a bit sticky.

Suggested products: Biotique bio honey cream body wash and Dove body wash shea butter.

Foam-based body washes

A foam-based body wash is a real saviour if you are an on-the-go person. It has a frothy consistency and doesn’t require a loofah to lather up on your body. They bubble up easily and thoroughly cleanse your body. The product gives you a luxurious bath experience with a small quantity.

These come with similar ingredients like those of shower gels and shower creams but differ in fragrances and some minor ingredients here and there. Having moisturising properties, they are safe to use even on sensitive skin. Being mild and gentle on the body, these can be used for any skin type. You can use it during any season you like.

Body scrubs

Just like our face, our body needs a good scrub. A body cleanser helps in cleaning the body well but isn’t much effective in getting rid of the dead skin cells. The scrub leaves you feeling fresh, hydrated and bright. These have a similar consistency as that of the face scrubs, however, they shouldn’t be used on the face unless it is meant to be used on both face and body. Since the facial skin is way thinner and sensitive than that of the body, milder and gentler scrubs are to be used.

The tiny granules in them are made of various ingredients that help in removing the unwanted dry layer of skin from the body. You can use this product at least once a week to get rid of dirt, grime and other particles sitting on your body. They come in varying sizes, fragrances, formulas, textures and effects like nourishing, hydrating, moisturising, etc. Though they are expensive compared to the body washes and shower gels, they are considered essential for healthy skin. Apart from being suitable for all skin types, the product’s use does not need to be limited to one particular season.

Suggested products: Anatomicals body scrub citrus and Skin cottage bath scrub strawberry and yoghurt.

So, these are the various body washes that you can choose from depending upon your needs. Make sure you know your body skin type and choose the product accordingly. Treat and indulge yourselves with a refreshing and luxurious experience with different formulas!

Article by Shalini Srivastava


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