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Top 10 argan oil-based products for beautiful skin and hair

Essential and beauty oils are taking over the skin and hair care world. The internet is flooded with tips to use them in their raw form or find them in products which are infused with oils. Argan oil being one such highly effective oil, holds many beauty benefits. It is derived from the fruit of the argan tree of Morocco and is used for various hair treatments since it is beneficial for both scalp and the tresses.

Loaded with vitamins like A, C, E, linoleic acid, omega 6 fatty acids and antioxidants it nourishes, conditions and hydrates, making your hair soft, silky and shiny. When you apply it externally either on your skin or hair, it helps in boosting the production of cells, which in turn helps in keeping them healthy. If you’re looking for some good products that contain this amazing oil, you should check out the following products:

St Botanica Argan Radiance Face Oil – Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Skin Brightening Serum

This facial serum is specially crafted for you to get rid of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, fine lines and many other premature signs of ageing. Regular usage will improve your skin tone and give you youthful radiant skin. St Botanica is one of the trusted brands when it comes to skincare, so you can check out this argan oil serum to gain a toned and flawless skin.

MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Mask for Oily/Normal Skin with Argan Oil & Vitamin E

The MCaffeine face mask contains cocoa powder that is loaded with minerals, vitamins and argan oil. Using this face mask helps you attain a glowing and healthy skin, even if you have oily skin. It is made from premium cocoa and is paraben free, making it a must try and an effective product. Not only does it improve the skin appearance, but also exfoliates it gently.

Soulflower Coldpressed Argan Carrier Oil

Soulflower cold press argan oil is completely 100% natural, pure and vegan, made through cold press methods. Since it is a carrier oil, it can be used for various purposes for both skin and hair. You can use it on your body for getting a healthy glowing skin and to reduce the appearance of dark spots, scars, fine lines and pigmentation. Using it on your hair as a serum or for styling purposes helps nourish and make them shiny and healthy. This multipurpose oil is a must -have if you are looking at using it for multiple purposes.

Continent Spice Khadi Argan Hair Oil

Argan oil has proven beneficial to get strong, healthy, and shiny hair. This product provides you with multiple benefits along with reducing hair fall and boosting hair growth in the long run. Since it is herbal, the other natural ingredients contained in it adds to various other overall advantages for hair and scalp. This oil is SLS and paraben free and doesn’t contain any mineral oil as well.

MCaffeine Conditioner – Hibiscus Caffeine, With Argan Oil, SLS Free, Paraben Free

This MCaffeine conditioner makes a perfect partner for your shampoo. It consists of hibiscus which has been proven to have immense benefits for your hair, and argan oil too which moisturises your hair to make it smooth, shiny and healthy. The caffeine helps cleanse and boost scalp health. You can pair this product with another argan oil-infused shampoo to achieve best results. Since it is SLS and paraben free, it is completely safe to use on your hair.

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

This OGX Moroccan shampoo has a unique blend of argan oil, made without the addition of parabens, sulfate and gives you luscious and shiny locks. It also protects your hair from any heat and helps in strengthening them as well. You can use this shampoo regularly to notice your hair getting silkier and healthier with every wash. The oil infused in the product is known to be rich in Vitamin E, making this cleanser a hair rescuing item.

Tresemme Shampoo – Keratin Smooth with Argan Oil

This TRESemme shampoo is infused with argan oil and keratin that gives you smoother, shinier and frizz-free hair for up to a few days after a wash. It makes your hair manageable, soft and helps to get rid of split ends as well. People with all hair types can use this shampoo. The product also helps in controlling dryness and damage, hence results in giving you smooth and lustrous hair. The argan oil present in it nourishes your hair to make it look healthy.

Skin Elements Hair Conditioner – Caffeine & Argan

Both caffeine and argan oil have immense benefits for giving you healthy hair. This Skin Elements conditioner is blended with cocoa butter, shea butter, lemon and rosemary essential oils apart from argan oil. The mix of these many natural goodnesses helps in treating split ends, taming frizz and overall benefit the hair and scalp health. Regular usage will give you stronger and longer tresses. Both men and women can use it having any hair type.

XPEL Argan Oil – Conditioner

This argan oil conditioner from XPEL provides your hair with deep conditioning and moisture. It makes your hair soft, frizz-free, and manageable. The product makes your hair feel hydrated and rejuvenated. It is one of the best conditioners out there that contains pure argan oil to give you healthier hair when used regularly. The product is recommended to be applied each time after you shampoo and leave it for up to 5 minutes before washing it off.

Krishkare Beard Oil with Argan Oil

Men who want to grow and manage their beard can use this product on a daily basis. The Krishkare beard oil consists of argan oil which will help grow your beard, increases its density, reduces hair fall, which aids in avoiding a patchy or uneven beard. It will provide your beard with deep conditioning and makes it look softer, smoother, shinier and mainly manageable.

These argan oil-infused products have so many different benefits for both skin and hair. Try them out on a regular basis for best results by using whichever is suitable for your skin type, scalp and hair type.

Article by Shalini Srivastava

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