4 Must-try natural ingredients and their infused products this season

With the beauty world trending around natural ingredients and infused products, people are opting for them to care for their skin and hair. Being highly effective, these are an inspiration to choose chemical free products. This season, try a few refreshing components and their products which your body would love. To throw light on how these ingredients can help one’s skin and hair, we have Director of Paul Penders, Sargam Dhawan enlightening us about the natural benefits of each of them.

The following are the ingredients:

– Aloe Vera

– Milk

– Lemon

– Green Tea

Benefits of each of the ingredients towards skin and hair care

Aloe Vera

“It is rich in vital vitamins, namely vitamin A, C and E. All of these vitamins enable hair repair by promoting cell regeneration. This ingredient also helps in cleansing the scalp by getting rid of unwanted residue and rejuvenating hair follicles. In terms of skin care, it helps in relaxing irritated skin. It uses the same functionality of cell rebuilding as in the case of hair repair to promote new cell growth of the skin,” says Sargam.


This ingredient has been used for body care since ancient times. Its benefits of keeping one’s skin glowing and hair lustrous are widely known. Sargam shares, “Out of the many, coconut milk benefits both hair and skin. It helps in moisturising the skin by battling dryness and prevents premature aging due to the presence of Vitamin C. Due to its conditioning properties, coconut milk aids in restoring dry and damaged hair when applied to the roots.”


Filled with Vitamin C and other nutrients, lemon as a fruit and its peel has multiple advantages. It has elements that lighten skin tone, reduce scar marks and so on. “Being a part of the citrus fruit family, it has a number of benefits. Its properties help in the disposal of blackheads by removing them effectively.  In addition to this, lemon is widely used to get rid of discolouration in both elbows and knees by working as a bleaching agent. In terms of hair care, lemon extract/juice aids in balancing the pH(potential of hydrogen) levels of the scalp, which treats itchiness and infections resulting in shiny hair,” says Sargam.

Green tea

While drinking green tea has numerous health benefits, applying it to the skin and hair is also gaining popularity to get desirable results. Sargam explains, “Green tea is widely used for skin care for its anti-inflammatory properties, which aids in getting rid of swelling, puffy eyes, redness, skin irritation, etc. In addition, green tea is overloaded with Vitamin E and Vitamin B12, both of which are considered crucial in maintaining the health of the body. It is also beneficial for the hair due to the presence of antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin B, which promotes healthy hair by strengthening hair roots and controlling split ends.”

A few tips on using them naturally

Aloe vera

For a natural application, aloe vera can be used in various ways. The most effective being when it is mixed with other natural ingredients to be made into a mask/pack and applied directly to the hair or skin to get the desired results.


The blend of milk with ingredients like besan, turmeric, honey, etc has proven to be beneficial for our skin and hair. Sargam further suggests, “Coconut milk can be used as an exfoliator for the skin when mixed with oats. For the hair, it can be mixed with the shampoo or conditioner. For a direct application, coconut milk can be used to massage the hair and scalp before hair wash.


There are a number of ways in which lemon can be used naturally. Lemon juice and lemon extract are the most common amongst these. This can be directly applied to the affected areas.

Green tea

Pre-soaked green tea bags can be placed directly on the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Another way is to boil the tea leaves in water and use this water in the affected areas or all over.

Using ingredient infused products and how that will help us

Aloe vera

Considered good for acne-prone skin, one can use its infused face wash and toner to get rid of oiliness. They can even opt for aloe infused moisturiser during summer for light moisturisation.


With great moisturising properties, coconut milk infused creams and body butters are really effective to combat dryness and itchiness. Infused cellulite creams work wonders to get rid of loose skin and provide a firmer look.


It is commonly found in most of the skin care products. Be it a lemon infused body wash, soap or deodorant. This infused range of skin care products leaves the skin with a fresh and cool feeling.

Green Tea

This ingredient is proven to lighten spots and close the open pores, so one can try to use green tea infused toner, mists and sprays to get that healthy glow on the skin while removing blemishes.

With so many facts and tips from our expert Sargam on these natural ingredients, it must be hard to resist to try them out. Well don’t wait, visit our site for a wide range of infused products to get the beautiful skin and hair you deserve.

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