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Must try Indian perfumes for men

Coco Chanel rightly called perfume the unseen, unforgettable, and the ultimate accessory. Perfumes are designed to complement every personality. There are many flavours such as woody, musky and floral fragrances as well as perfumes with citrus notes, etc. As the summer approaches, scents become a necessity for every man. They fight body odour, keep you fresh all day long, and help create a lasting impression on anyone you meet. So, here are a few top perfumes for men that are made in India and are absolutely a must-try.


The Embark fragrances are made in India, by the best in the fragrance industry. They’re designed with essential oils keeping in mind the Indian climate and Indian skin so that the fragrance can last all day. All the products are also 100% cruelty-free.

Embark My Life for Him

Embark My Life for Him has a bold fragrance that will last the entire day. The perfume has top notes of nutmeg and yuzu, heart notes of soft French lavender and base notes of sandalwood and tonka beans. It’s the ideal perfume for a man who lives by his own rules.

Embark My Dream for Him

My Dream by Embark is a perfume that speaks of freshness. This woody scented product has a top note of mandarin and grapefruit, woody heart notes and base notes of amber and moss. The grapefruit and mandarin lend an energetic vibe to the perfume and makes it ideal for the man with a carefree spirit of adventure.

Skinn by Titan

The watch giant, Titan, describes its fragrance collection as sensuality in a bottle. It bears the hallmark of the Titan Company and is uniquely crafted with a blend of contemporary and exotic notes from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Their current collection has 6 heady fragrances in an Eau de Parfum format.

Amalfi Bleu By Skinn for Men

Like the dramatic seaside town it is named after, Amalfi Bleu is fresh, vibrant and intense. The perfume is inspired by the Mediterranean breeze that blows through the aromatic herbs of Italy. It has top notes of lavender, citrus and galbanum, heart notes of orange flower and vetiver and base notes of moss and musk. It is ideal for a modern man with a dynamic personality.

Country Road Perfume by Skinn for Men

Country Roads by Skinn has a carefree, energetic appeal. The fragrance has sparkling top notes of apple, clary sage and lemon. As it develops, the heart note of lavender takes over before finally giving way to the base notes of oakmoss, musk and tonka beans. The perfume has been dermatologically tested and is suited for all skin types.

All Good Scents

All Good Scents is a venture by Just Scents Pvt Ltd. The scents are inspired by modern French Perfumery and celebrate the different facets of an individual’s personality. All their products are cruelty-free and contain no animal extracts.

Musk for Men

Musk is an oriental perfume with warm and woody notes. Mandarin forms the top note of this perfume while musk, rum, and ylang-ylang form its heart notes. The base notes are composed of a blend of amber, musk, oud, tonka beans and patchouli. If you’re a man who likes the outdoor life, this is the perfume for you.

Vetiver for Men

Like the vetiver grass, All Good Scent’s Vetiver for Men has a fresh, woody aroma. This everyday perfume has a blend of grapefruit and cedar wood that treats it as a modern interpretation of vetiver. Grapefruit and pineapple form the top notes for this fresh scent. Its heart notes comprise of nutmeg, lavender, and artemisia, while the base notes are composed of cedar wood, vetiver, and moss. It’s the ideal scent for the urban man.


Liberty fragrances are the ace footwear maker’s foray into lifestyle fragrances. Their range of luxury perfumes is designed to appeal the millennial men. The current Eau de Parfum collection has 12 aromatic and long-lasting fragrances.

OutGold Pour Homme – Eau De Parfum

The OutGold fragrance is reminiscent of luxurious Arabian opulence. Spraying on this perfume can instantly transfer you to a world of glamour and grandeur and brighten your day. The product’s top notes are rich, creamy and sweet with a hint of amber. Its heart notes balance sweet floral notes with spicy notes, and the exotic musky base notes create a long-lasting woody aroma.

Marine Pour Homme – Eau De Parfum

The Marine perfume by Liberty has a youthful note that speaks of days spent by the sea. It is inspired by the fresh sea breeze that caresses your skin as you lie on the beach, surf, or sail across the sea. This scent has a fresh top note of lavender, citrus, mint, and rosemary. The heart notes take on an aquatic theme with floral notes of iris and violet, while the base notes have warmer, woody tones of amber, sandalwood, cedar wood and earthy and exotic musk.

So which will you choose as your signature scent? Pick one or more based on your personality, attitude and lifestyle, so that the perfume becomes an intrinsic part of you!

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  1. Phil Walker

    A while back I was searching for a fragrance that I could use on a daily basis and I came across your article and found the Musk really attractive and decided to order for it and I would like to thank you as I really love the fragrance and do not regret one bit. Your article was really helpful for me, keep up the great work.

  2. I love titan skinn amalfi bleu and titan skinn raw. Worth try

  3. “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

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