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8 Healthy snacks to tackle your kid’s hunger

With summer holidays right around the corner, we plan activities for the kids like camps, hobby classes, sports, visit relatives, go on a holiday or stay at home. But no matter what, when it comes to food for children, we always have to think ahead to prepare healthy snacks and keep them stacked up. Here are a few nibbles that are nutritious and tasty, quick to prepare, easy to pack, and can also be eaten whenever the kids desire.

Quick bread snack

Kids love dishes made of bread be it sandwiches or just with jam or peanut butter. Here we have an interesting dish that adds a little fun to the bread. This quick snack is an upma like recipe made with crumbled bread and seasoning. While the onions, ginger and green chillies add a bit of spice to the bread, the tomatoes, tomato ketchup and lemon juice impart an energising tanginess. A blend of flavours that fills the stomach and can be eaten any time of the day!

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Chatpata paneer snack

Paneer is a go-to snack for kids and it is something that can be easily prepared. This chatpata paneer recipe tastes a bit like satay and a bit like chaat. It is a blend of spices, yet refreshing that will tickle your kid’s taste buds! The paneer is crisp-fried but you can even tava fry them and then roll them in a tangy masala mix. You can cut them into small pieces and pierce them into a toothpick and serve it with sauce or mayo depending on what your kid prefers.

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Veg protein balls

Made with veggies, leafy greens and oats, this snack is nutrition packed. It’s easy to prepare and healthy in every bite. This baked recipe is oil free and stomach filling and can be consumed any time of the day. A cheesy dip, tomato sauce or green chutney can add a little zing to it based on your kid’s choice. It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and will be a perfect dish to enjoy the summer holidays with friends or family.

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Sugar-free date and nut roll

A simple sweet snack that can boost your kid’s energy with each bite. Made of dry fruits, seeds and ghee, this dish is nutritious, quick to make and delicious. Being sugar-free you don’t have to limit your kids from eating any number of pieces they want. You can use shape cutters to make them look fun. They don’t spoil easily and you can stock them for a few days.

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Fudgy quinoa brownie

Who doesn’t love cake right? A dark, indulgent and fudgy delight but with a healthy twist! This recipe uses quinoa flour and unsweetened cocoa powder which makes these totally gluten-free. It’s quick and easy to prepare, is crunchy on the outside and chewy inside. A perfect snack to go with a glass of milk in the evening or with a scoop of your kid’s favourite ice cream! This dish can also be stacked up to a few days or a week.

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Carrot quinoa muffins

Delicious and healthy carrot quinoa muffins packed with nutrients and flavour! A simple recipe that’s wholesome and something children will love. Made from whole wheat flour, yogurt and carrots for the base, it is flavoured with vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar. The almonds in it add a crunch to the muffin.

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Bajri bites

A cookie with a pinch of salt and spice! Made from bajra and wheat flour, it’s nutritious and healthy. Easy to bake, the recipe can be prepared in batches and boxed up for a longer period of time. It is a  quick bite that’s wholesome and stomach filling and can be served with a glass of your kid’s favourite milk drink. This simple dish is made with minimal ingredients but tasty in every bite.

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Oatmeal coconut cookies

Healthy oats cookies flavoured with coconut fun! Made from wheat flour, oats and coconut as base, this snack is seasoned with vanilla, cinnamon. The combination of these balance each other and enhance the taste of the cookie. To add crunch and some nutrients dry fruits like walnut and raisins are added. Easy to bake, this recipe is healthy and can served with a glass of plain or flavoured milk based on your kid’s choice. You can prepare them in a bigger batch and store them for 1 week to 10 days.

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Try out these quick fix recipes that you can plan to cook for your kids during their holidays, to keep them and their taste buds happy.

Article by Namratha

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