8 Beauty tips to refresh tired-looking skin

As if what your body goes through when you are tired isn’t enough, your skin tends to show it too! If you have had those exceptional busy days and want to do some damage control, there are some hacks that can come to the rescue. Below are some tips to look as well as feel refreshed in a short span of time.

  1. Depuff those eyes

If you have noticed, the first place where your tiredness shows are your eyes, it is where you feel it too. An easy solution is to take two spoons and keep them in the refrigerator for a few minutes till they are cold. Now, place one on each undereye gently. This will help in depuffing your eyes and get rid of dark circles. You can also put used tea bags in the refrigerator and place them on your eyes for a bit.

  1. Splash cold water on your face

When you feel you’re too sleepy and have a long day to go ahead, splash plenty of cold water on your face. This will instantly wake you up. Alternatively, you can also rub an ice cube all over your face. This isn’t an easy thing to do especially when you’re drowsy, but it does help. When you splash cold water or rub an ice cube on your face, it stimulates the flow of blood, tightens your pores and makes your skin look smooth and bright.

  1. Use products infused with caffeine

Coffee lovers are well aware of how invigorating a morning cup of joe is! Just as it can make you feel awake, this magic ingredient can help in waking up your skin too. When you use caffeine-infused products, it aids in stimulating the blood flow, giving it a young and fresh appearance. You can use a coffee-infused scrub for both your face and body, and it will instantly make you feel wide awake. Give yourself a double shot of morning kicks not just by drinking caffeine, but also by feeding your skin with it!

  1. Exfoliate that dead skin!

Sometimes when our skin is clogged with dirt and dead skin cells, it often tends to look dull. It is essential to get rid of these for a brighter appearance. You can use a scrub with skin brightening ingredients to add that extra glow. Scrub your skin around once a week for best results.

You can opt for this organic face scrub or this herbal fruit scrub

  1. Use overnight masks

Give your skin a beauty sleep by applying a sleeping mask or an overnight mask before you go to bed. This will ensure that your skin heals and recovers while you sleep. You’ll wake up with fresh looking face the next morning. It’s best to apply this mask as a generous layer as the last step on cleansed skin. Wash it off with water when you wake up and your skin will look dewy, fresh and plump even when you’ve not had enough sleep.

Feel refreshed with this hydrating and antioxidant-rich night face mask.

  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise

As tempting and pressed for time you are, don’t skip your morning skincare routine. Cleansing and toning are essential especially when you don’t want to look tired. Post that, apply a generous amount of moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. You can also use a skincare regime that consists of cleanser, toner and moisturiser with brightening properties.

Take your pick from a green apple toner, honey toner, rose cleanser, deep pore cleanser or a cleanser for sensitive skin. 

  1. Conceal those dark circles!

If you have had an exceptionally rough week and still do not have the time to do the above, an instant tip is to apply a brightening concealer under your eyes to hide them away! As mentioned before, the eyes are where you tend to look tired the most. This hack will take care of those dark circles.

Opt for one that suits your skin tone. 

  1. Blush, blush baby!

Makeup comes handy especially when we feel our skin looks dull. After finishing your base makeup with a foundation, bb cream or cc cream, apply your favourite blush on the apples of your cheeks and it will instantly lift the dullness as well as make you look young and fresh. Don’t forget to add this colour when your skin looks dull and it will bring back your skin’s glow!

While nothing can compensate for a good night’s rest, make your skin look all fresh and awake by incorporating these tips!

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