Celebrating Clean Beauty

We all know by now that beauty is more than skin deep; which means that cosmetics go beyond the surface to do their job. So naturally, just in line with how people are concerned with they put in their mouth, there has been a recent interest on what goes on (as well as in) one’s skin as well. In comes the new wave of clean beauty which aims at harmless and non-toxic products. But what exactly is this new buzz word that is making its rounds in the afternoon soiree and on the lips of A-listers? Here, we dig deeper…

What does clean beauty mean

While we do not have Dexter’s dictionary definition as of now, in a broad sense, products that are manufactured with safe compounds and close to nature can be referred to as ‘clean beauty’. The components used to make these items are believed to be procured ethically and are habitat-friendly. In other words, these are sourced, manufactured and produced in a way that does not harm the environment. What’s more, they undergo bare minimal processing in the factory (thus closer to their real form).

Such products are:

  • Petroleum-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulphate-free and devoid of such synthetic chemical.

Shifting sands of time and beauty

Why this sudden wave of change and perception? As we move forward and progress, there is this desire to go back to the origins and remain as close to it as possible. The image of a model walking bare feet on the grass only emphasises the need to be one with our ecosystem. Think of it as comfort food in times of distress. While we have gone rampant with overindulgence and destruction of nature, the world is becoming aware of the power of Mother Earth and everything that goes with it. Hence the intrinsic calling to save local foods on the verge of extinction, use non-toxic farming processes to safeguard the soil, eat organic and fresh food and the likes. The same psychology extends in the domain of beauty too.

The advantages of clean beauty

As clean beauty products are devoid of chemicals or artificial compounds which could be unsafe for some users, the cases of an allergic reaction are few. For instance, sulphate which is used in shampoos can irritate the skin and strip the tresses of natural oils.  Then there is also the concern of health, some of the harmful chemicals that are used to increase the shelf life of the item can cause respiratory problems and serious health issues in the long term. Thus, clean beauty can be considered as safe for the skin, health, and environment. It’s like a good investment of which you will reap the benefit over time.

Factors to consider

While clean beauty is a great leap forward in clean living, do note that it is best to use your discretion while using a product. It is wise to keep in mind two main drivers when using any products, natural, organic or others. These factors are our individual biological make-up, genetics and our surrounding environment/climate. Both these reasons greatly affect us irrespective of the cosmetic products we use.

Though components like artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, lead, parabens, phthalates, and such are known to cause irritations on the skin in some cases, natural ingredients also are not free from their downside. For instance, even essential oils can be harsh if not used in the right ratio. Whether the products are natural (derived from plants) or organic (harvested with non-GMO elements and minimal pesticides) some amount of processing/ modification is required and necessary.

‘the beauty store by bigbasket’ goody bag

Marching along with time, ‘the beauty store by big basket’ has expanded its e-shelf of ‘clean beauty’ products. It has in its large spread of top brands that are set to tickle your native interest.

The brands that we have onboard:

Aloe Veda – An established brand in its domain, Aloe Veda is loved by many due to its effectiveness. The cherry to the cake is that the ingredients are pure as well as paraben and petroleum free.

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Aps Cosmetofood – Almost be said to be a substitute for home remedies, the products from this brand are made from natural ingredients which are normally found in our kitchens. They are free from mineral oil, paraben, silicon, and sulphate and therefore safe for all skin types.

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Aroma Magic – As the name suggests, the products from this brand are based on aromatherapy. The raw materials used are unmixed, paraben free with no artificial colours and non-natural preservatives.

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Aroma Treasures – A special quality of this brand is that none of the products contain any artificial perfumes. Aroma treasure products have a rejuvenating effect on skin and hair because its ingredients help to relax the mind too.

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Himalaya – This brand is called Himalaya because it is made from very unusual herbs which are found at the base of the Himalayas. This itself tells you about the quality of the products of this brand.

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Biotique – An Indian brand that benefits from the fact that it is from the land of natural options, one of them being Ayurveda. It uses ayurvedic guidelines to create its products.

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Biocare – It is dedicated to creating products that are free of chemicals, therefore, being environment-friendly and people friendly.

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Khadi Natural – Completely paraben free, its products are created in consultation with eminent Unani and Ayurvedic doctors. The raw materials to make these products are herbal. Therefore, they are safe and effective.

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Lotus Herbals – The brand’s principle is to create products with purity, being connected to nature but basing it on science. It concentrates on making the most of both nature and science and delivering good and effective items.

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Organic Harvest – The brand creates products that are safe, organic and work in the long run. This helps in making good, pure, and powerful products.

Tip: Before buying any new product, apply a little on the inside of your elbow. If it does not give you any reaction in the following 10 minutes, it is safe for you to use it.

So, here’s to celebrating clean beauty. For best results, keep in mind your own biological make-up next time you reach out to your skincare and haircare products.

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