5 Hacks for the perfect lipstick application

Does your lipstick look like a child’s painting that has run out of the lines by the end of the day? The truth of the matter is that the application of this popular makeup product can either make or break your look. And since not only of us are professionals, we can recourse to these simple but effective hacks…

Start afresh every time

For your lipstick to show its true colour, finish and texture; your lips need to be fresh, clean, soft and supple. Think of them as a canvas that will hold the shade intact for a long time.

For that perfect base, follow these simple steps…

  • Apply a waxy lip balm or Vaseline jelly and rub all over the lips and massage with fingertips.
  • Take a disposable mascara wand or baby toothbrush and rub gently. Any dry flakes (which have already been softened due to massaging) will come off allowing the lips to become soft.
  • As tempted as you are to wash, do not do so. Instead, use a blotting sheet or tissue paper to remove excess lip balm/Vaseline jelly from the lips.

Your canvas to hold your favourite lip colour is ready!

Do not skip the lip liner step

Does your lipstick resemble Joker’s smile by the end of the day? You might want to take the help of a lip liner. We know that it can be a pain point to invest those two minutes when you are already late, but it is well worth it.

This makeup product will prevent your shade from bleeding as well as add that professional touch. The defined shape will ensure that you follow the line carefully and concentrate only on the areas where colour should show up.

Mix and match for a va va vom effect

Just like the type of lipstick you choose makes a difference in how it will appear, the hue you pick plays a major role too.

To jazz up your look, invest in a perfect nude shade that is flattering. Apply this with your other bright lipsticks to tone down the colour or make it suitable for your skin tone.

For those who like to experiment, another idea is to blend or create an ombre effect. If you are wondering how to do so, here is a tutorial for the same!

The index finger trick

In the excitement of getting ready, it is natural for all of us to just swipe the lipstick. In the process, the minute you close your mouth to smile and check the finish, your teeth get painted too!

So, right after applying, put in your index finger into your mouth and bring your lips to the shape of ‘O’. Any extra application will transfer to your fingers. After all, this trick is also used by time favourite supermodel Cindy Crawford who revealed it on the Oprah Winfrey show!

The secret of using concealers along with your lipstick

Applying concealers before lipsticks are one the smartest trick ever introduced. This nullifies the uneven tone of the lips and even hides dark patches, giving a clear base.

This makeup product is also helpful in making the colour stay longer. Apply around the lips to hide off any extra lipstick application! Another option is to blend the shade with the concealer for something more tender and delicate.

Do you have more hacks to share with us? Are you following anything different to make your lipsticks application look absolutely perfect?

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