Skincare woes and products for a rainy day

Come monsoon and images of rain-drenched happy face is all over the Internet. It gives a feeling of breezy freshness, delight, and joy.

True, isn’t it? Maybe but…

Here is a reality check: Skin can get itchy while the humidity in the air can cause fungal infection. More often than not, you are rushing off to the chemist to buy your medicines when you would rather be home all warm and cosy. While the landscape’s greenery astounds you, let us take a quick look at the skin-related monsoon woes that the rains bestow and also what can help tackle them…

Note: If you have severe breakouts or inflammation, it is best to visit the doctor.

Problems and solutions related to skincare

Fungal Infection (Facial folliculitis): This is considered as one of the most common infections during this season. Caused due to irritation and infection of hair follicles, this condition may appear anywhere except palms of our hands and soles of our feet. Anyone prone to excessive sweating or humidity (especially in cities like Mumbai) is susceptible to it.

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Azafran Clear Skin Face Wash

On our e-shelves, we have Azafran Clear Skin Face Wash. Bringing you the goodness of five fruits extracts, this facial wash is loaded with natural AHAs, organic neem and turmeric extracts that help keep inflammations at bay. It gently gets rid of dead cells, revealing glowing and youthful skin. The bonus is that this product also protects from acne and blemishes.

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Beauty Formulas Gentle Soft Apricot Cleansing Facial Wipes

These wipes especially come handy when you are travelling. It safeguards from the dirt, grime, and pollutants in the air while keeping your skin clean. Specially formulated with apricot, these moisturise the skin while cleansing it so as to not dry it out. Great!

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Home remedy:

Bathe twice a day and keep yourself squeaky fresh and dry. And yes, stay hydrated by at least consuming lots of water.

Excessive sweating

Referred to Hyperhidrosis, this condition suggests sweating in the armpits, feet, and palms. It can worsen during the romantic bouts of monsoon, resulting in sweating that impacts the entire body. Problems like body odour and infections will ruin your love for rains.

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Biotique Bio Apricot – Refreshing Body Wash

This body wash is 100% soap-free. It cleanses your skin of pollutants and impurities without drying the skin. The blend of apricot, wild turmeric, kernel oil, Soap nut and Himalayan water leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

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We would also recommend you to visit your doctor if the problem persists.

Acne-prone oily skin

Do you have oily skin? Then monsoon is probably not your favourite season. Dampness in the air and sweating can cause breakouts with acne. Not a happy situation to be in!

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Fuschia Dream Skin Mud Mask – Calamine

Super effective, this mask is made out of nature’s gifts such as Calamine Mud, Sandalwood Powder, White Kaolin, Basil Essential Oil, Tomato, Rose Petals, Turmeric Root Powder, Vitamin E, and Lavender Essential Oil. The fine balance of ingredients helps reduce acne and inflammation. Other benefits include cleansing of the pores, reducing tans and healing skin burns.

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Home Remedy

Once again, bathe twice a day and keep your skin clean and dry.


Though heavy clouds are covering the harsh sunlight, don’t get fooled. Going out directly without protection will overexposure your skin and darken it. Of course, you will be carrying your umbrella. Open it up, Mary Poppins, make use of it even when it is not pouring.

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Organic Harvest Sunscreen SPF 60

Free of parabens, mineral oil and animal ingredients, this sunscreen is ideal for everyday use. The potent yet gentle combination of tamarind seed extract and clay minerals in the cream base help protect against the harmful rays of the sun. Along with that it also moisturises. Being sweat-resistant, this skincare product is ideal for the humid climate outside.

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Home Remedy

Go out in the sun only if you must. For those who have no alternative but to move out, take precautions. Open the umbrella even when it is not raining. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before moving out and keep yourself hydrated.

Feet infections

This season also gives rise to fungal infection of the feet too. Many of us remain for long hours in wet socks and shoes. This invariably leads to our feet getting contaminated. Keep your feet, especially between the toes, dry and clean to avoid fungi attack.

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Kama Ayurveda Foot Scrub

It is a combination of cleanser and exfoliator to clean and condition your feet. As grounded apricot scrubs away dead skin and dirt, chamomile soothes the dryness. Anti-fungal tea tree extract heals cuts, and basil relieves foot soreness while essential oils of sandalwood, verbena, lime, and musk to leave the feet scented.

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Home Remedy

Personal hygiene is a must. This season leaves us with no choice but to pay attention to little things like using an anti-bacterial powder, applying a medicated cream to combat rash and so on.

Other tips:

  • Keep Hydrated- Drink a lot of water.
  • C-T-M: Don’t forget the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Use a sunscreen too.
  • Maintain Personal Hygiene- Need we say more!
  • Have a healthy diet- No matter how much medications we take, it all sums down to what we eat. A healthy diet can do wonders and make you look fit and better. Back to basics will point to green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins. See that your veggies and fruits are washed properly before you consume it.

All said and done, it is time to enjoy the rain. Pick up your hot mug of adrak ki chai and sit by the window. Lose yourself in the beauty of nature. Enjoy!

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