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Sweet and savoury gifting options for Raksha Bandhan

While growing up, you might have pulled each other’s legs and even made the other one cry, but there is no denying the special bond between siblings.

Raksha Bandhan is that reminder of the memories gone by and ones to come. Plus, it is the perfect excuse to patch up if you two have been bickering. And along with age-old traditions, how best to celebrate this day than relish in something sweet and savoury? So here we have some delectable options for those into fitness as well as indulgence…

Cadbury Celebrations Chocolate Gift Box 

If your behena is the sorts who likes to pick and choose from a medley of options, this pack is perfect for her. She can bite into something delicious, silky and fruity. Custom made for Raksha Bandhan, show your sister a whole lot of love by gifting this bundle of sweetness.

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Yoga Bar Pack

Oh we get it, your sister is a health enthusiast and drives you around the bend with her zeal for fitness. This Yoga Bar collection is a perfect gift for her.  It comes in irresistible flavours such as chocolate brownie, cranberry, almond fudge and hazelnut. Healthy, energising and tasty, this treat is packed with the goodness of whey protein concentrate, lentil protein, almonds, flax seeds and prebiotic fibre. More power to her!

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Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Now, who does not love Ferrero Rocher chocolates? There is a reason why these little decadent nibbles are relished all over the world. The outside is a crunchy hazelnut and chocolate wafer that opens up to a luxurious silky as well as crunchy inside. Pop-worthy!

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GoodDiet Nutrition Bar Multipack

Yet another perfect gift for your sister who is a health freak and watches what she eats. Packed with nutrients like fig, pumpkin and flax seeds, this is a special wholesome treat that does not have added sugars, preservatives, any artificial flavours, or chemicals. Gift this to her and watch that smile widen!

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For our bros we suggest:

Nutella Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Does he love to spread Nutella on his toast every morning and have it for his breakfast? How did we know… Just not his toast, you can apply the hazelnuts and delicious cocoa mix on dosa, roti, idli and go yummy. It is a 100% vegetarian product and contains no preservatives. It is a good way to make sure he does not skip his breakfast!

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American Garden Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Yet another nudge for your brother to eat his breakfast, this baked beans on toast makes for a creamy and delicious option. The rich tomato sauce lends to the tangy and tasty flavour and the beans ensure that you have the required energy for the day. What’s more, that this food can even be ideal dish-on-the-side as it complements many cuisines. Great way to go…baked bean on my toast…

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Fresho Signature Fruits, Nuts and Berries

For your brother who loves his snacks…at least let us make it healthy. This dehydrated fruit, nit and berry combination comes in different types of flavours to cater to a wide range of taste buds. Plus they are completely natural with no added sugar or preservatives. He can enjoy them as they are as a healthy snack, put them in his morning smoothies and breakfast bowl for that extra boost of energy.

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Caramel Popcorn-Himalayan Salt 

He loves to spend his Sunday in front of the TV binging on his loved serials and movies munching on popcorns. Now let him binge on this healthy popcorn and eat guilt-free. Scrumptious and delicious, these do not contain any trans fat. It is gluten-free and is certified as non-GMO corn. With minus MSG it is also free of cholesterol too. And it is not all bland as the caramel lends just the right hint of sweetness.

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Wishing you all a very happy Raksha Bandhan!

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