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Unique ways to celebrate Independence Day

This 15th August will be our 73rd year of Independence. On this day, the veterans will committedly wake up in the morning and go down for flag hoisting. As for the youth, they may stay back home sending ‘Happy Independence Day’ forwards to all.

This time let us do it differently. Merging the old with the new, we present interesting ideas to celebrate this venerable day to this heartfelt special day.

Unite over food – Regional food potpourri

It being a national holiday and all, you would be thinking of catching up with your friends. So, this time around, instead of ordering food from a restaurant or going out, you can have a fun and engaging potpourri at home.

Let each one of you bring what is specific to their native place. After all, one of the priceless treasures of our country is the rich and varied foods that are specific to one region. With the sheer variety, it will be a treat for the taste buds! You can even reminisce of how the specific food reminds you of your mother’s or grandmother’s cooking.

Craft party for kids

A great way to teach kids and inculcate values in them is through craft. It will constructively engage them and enhance their creative skills. So, keep the kids happily occupied with a fun and innovative bacha party.

Make them paint flags on cups, mugs of clay or even plates that can be used for wall hanging later on. And while they are doing so, you can share some interesting knowledge of Independence Day and why it is celebrated. Plus, all of this is a beautiful way to bond with your child too.

Grow a plant

On this honourable day, let us pledge to do our bit and make our planet safer for tomorrow. With global warming staring in our face, it would be nice if we all strive and do our bit.

Organise a tree-planting event in your area. Get everyone interested and involved to strive for a “Go Eco’. Let the kids water the trees and plants. Name each tree and plant after a kid. Now it would be the kid’s duty to look after it. The kids will not just enjoy the activity but also learn responsibility, about fertilizers and how to love to nurture nature.

And if all this seems too much, you can buy a little plant of pot for your balcony and have the joy of seeing it grow.

The sustainable pledge

Why wait for New Years to make a good pledge? Let’s start something good this Independence Day. On the lines of growing green, you can commit eating clean that will help in the sustainability of the environment.

Think organic foods as they do not use harmful fertilizers that will spoil the soil. Even incorporating millets is a worthy option as they are grown even in lands with little water and helps in nurturing a sustainable environment.  You will also be supporting farmers who are growing local crops. Begin by preparing a clean meal on this day.

Story and movie marathon

And what a beautiful way to bond with your family…with children ‘busy’ doing their own stuff, 15th August can mark a beginning of a renewed bonding between the disconnected members of the family. Sit around with your cup of favourite beverage and tell an anecdote linked to their love for the motherland. Share stories of freedom fighters and ignite the fire of patriotism in the young ones.

Help them to understand the deeper meaning of Independence Day. Finally, you can close the day by watching ‘ Shaheed’. Feel the love, pain and the sacrifice. Take a moment to commemorate all those who fought for freedom.  Finally, follow in with ‘Lagaan’ and turn your home into a mini cricket ground.

Yes, let us pledge to make this 15th August different. Big basket wishes you all a Happy Independence Day!

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