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Your buying guide to mouthwashes

A mouthwash is a rather handy aid to keep bad breath at bay as well as boost oral hygiene. Having said that, the many specifications and labels can get confusing. Some are easily understandable whereas others can sound rather alarming. To make this selection process a whole lot easier, we enlighten you on various classifications as well as products. Here’s to happy teeth! 

The classifications:

 First, let’s understand why two mouthwashes can provide a slightly different result. They can be segregated as antiseptics, plaque-inhibiting and preventives. 

Antiseptic mouthwashes:

These heroes fight against bacteria, spores and fungi. The greatest benefit of such mouthwashes is that they can be used as an alternative to routine oral hygiene for a short period, mainly after dental surgery or procedure. When the mouth is all tender and painful, brushing your teeth would be a challenge and that’s when these gargle delights can be your saviour. 

Plaque-inhibiting mouthwashes:

As the title suggests, they help prevent plaque (that nasty thick layer of colonising bacteria) as well as control gum-diseases and tooth decay. These wonders contain active ingredients such as antimicrobials and essential oils that have the superpowers to penetrate the plaque biofilm and destroy bacteria. 

Preventive mouthwashes 

These are formulated to aid in preventing tooth decay and gum related inflammations. The star ingredient in these mouthwashes is fluoride that can help in the reversal of early dental caries. 


These are intended to provide routine needs such as mouth freshening, tooth-whitening, healing dry-mouth, etc. 

Generic guidelines:

It is recommended to take a small quantity of the mouthwash in a cup and gargle for about 30-40 seconds after brushing the teeth. The liquid should be spit out and not swallowed. Do not to rinse the mouth immediately. Eat or drink only after 30 minutes after using the mouthwash.  

Do note: 

Mouthwashes are not an alternative to the routine dental care measures such as brushing the teeth twice-daily with fluoride-toothpaste and cleaning of the tongue and gums. It can only be used as additional care to your oral health and not as a replacement. Moreover, excessive use is also said to have detrimental effects. So be smart and make the right choice of mouthwash. 

Below are some of the top products that can come to your rescue: 

Listerine Mouthwash – Cool Mint 

Introduced way back in the year 1914, the antiseptic mouthwash Listerine was formulated by none other Joseph Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery. With a powerful tagline of ‘Kills Germs that Cause Bad Breadth’, it aims to do just that. 

This variant pleasantly tickles the insides of your mouth with its cool mint flavour. And while doing so, it also claims to reach all parts to remove 99.9% germs and reduce gum problems effectively. Users vouch by how strong and effective the mouthwash is lending the much-needed oral freshness. 

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Colgate Mouthwash – Plax Pepper Mint  

This is ideal for those who want to restrain from alcohol in their mouthwashes as well. The oral care product comes with the extra benefit of fluoride that helps minimise the onslaught of tooth decay.

Further, the peppermint flavour leaves that lovely aftertaste in the mouth and controls bad breath for 24 hours after each use. This mouthwash also serves as an antiseptic, fighting the much-dreaded cavities and gum-decay and thus aiding in oral hygiene. It is recommended to use this twice daily after brushing.

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Colgate Mouthwash – Plax Fresh Tea

Lose yourself to the scent of natural and refreshing tea extracts! A perfect wakeup call don’t you think? The Colgate Mouthwash – Plax Fresh Tea is alcohol-free and guarantees a 12-hour protection from germs.

It helps in maintaining oral hygiene by preventing germ build-up and cavities. The formulation is a mild one and does not cause any burning or uneasiness. 

Close-up Nature Boost Mouthwash 

As the name indicates, Close-up Nature Boost Mouthwash is as close to nature as it can be. Loaded with the goodness of tulsi and cardamom, this delight guarantees fresh aroma while effectively keeping the germs away.

Cardamom is long known as a miracle ingredient that fights tooth bacteria and bad breath. Nature lovers can be sure that this alcohol-free, mild and nature-friendly product fits well as their choice of mouthwash.  

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Close-up Red Hot Mouthwash  

The Close-up Red Hot Mouthwash has the uniqueness of being formulated from clove oil. Our forefathers have always vouched by the goodness of this spice for healing dental problems since time immemorial. And for a good reason too, the eugenol present acts as a natural anaesthetic, providing relief from toothache.

It is also a natural anti-inflammatory which helps fight infection while keeping the mouth fresh for long hours. Close-up gets this healing agent in the most convenient form to the urban youth through this mouthwash.

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Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash  

The Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash is loaded with the goodness of fennel and mint. Fennel oil constitutes of terpenes which acts as an anti-microbial fighting against germs and averting teeth and gum decays for around 12 hours after each use.

It is also an astringent that tightens the gums. Mint, with its soothing aroma, offers long-lasting freshness and keeps the mouth cool through the day. The mouthwash is also alcohol-free, keeping it mild but effective. 

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Aloe Veda Clove and Sesame Oil Natural Mouthwash  

The Aloe Veda Clove and Sesame Oil Natural Mouthwash has a strong composition of sesame oil which acts as a natural teeth-whitening agent. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help kill bacteria. The goodness also ensures a thorough oral hygiene without being too harsh.

Clove acts as an analgesic by providing numbness, helping those with severe tooth sensitivity. The strong pleasant aroma further keeps the mouth fresh for up to 24 hours after each use. Since the product is made of natural ingredients, one can use it regularly to improve oral hygiene.  

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Opt for a mouthwash that is best suited to your needs and go ahead and flaunt that million-watt smile! 


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