6 Fancy hairstyle inspirations for this wedding season

While the makeup and attire play a gargantuan role on the wedding day, one cannot deny the importance of the hairstyle. And if you are biting your nails figuring out what will go best with your outfit, we have some suggestions for you. Take your pick from something fancy or something classy!    

Wavy shoulder-length open hair

This casual wavy hairstyle is a big hit during the big day and opted by many brides. It is that fine balance of effortlessness and style that makes the look a winner. Just like here, you can add a pearl-embellished hair accessory to add that fairy tale charm.


Setting the waves as needed can be done with the help of styling tools and hair spray that will ensure the waves/curls created stay intact for long hours. 

The classic large bun

The bun however it is made, low, high, large, messy, neatly puffed has always stood the test of times. This classic style allows you to flaunt your heavy chandelier earring, choker necklaces and intricately designed diamond crown.


To achieve the shine and highly moisturized texture as in this chic hairstyle, use Schwarzkopf Taft Shine Mousse. It builds the perfect finish needed to hold and flaunt.

The elegant braid hairstyle

Get whisked off into a princess land with this fancy fishtail braid. The puffed-up crown and braid bring to the volume and dramatic effect. 


Fishtail braids look more complicated than what they are. You don’t need a stylist for this hair-do. Just partition the hair into two even sections. Take a thin strand of hair from the left and tuck it under the right section. Repeat the same from right to left.  

A messy side French braid hairstyle

Bring in the vintage appeal with this side French braid. The intricacy of the whole hairstyle deems it fit for a royal wedding! 


Let a few fringes curl to hang through the length of the face to give it a messy undone feel. Gather up the rest of the hair at the end to tie it up in an easy bun. And don’t forget the essential step pf setting the entire hairdo using a setting hairspray. 

A big puff and twirly bun style

A puff is a classic style that most brides opt for on their special occasion. The best part of this is that it suits all kinds of bridal wear, be it ethnic traditional or modern chic. Just change the accessories accordingly. For traditional choose between mogra, roses, traditional gold juda and multi-layered whereas for western, go for pearl brooches, baby breath flowers, diamond crowns and stone studded tiara.


Use hair-spray so that the twirls and twists created in the bun looks shiny.

Open wavy hair with floral tiara 

This is a stunning idea for all those brides who want to let their hair down on the grand day. To convert the casual loose flowing hairstyle to a chic bridal hairstyle, add a full-fledged floral tiara on the long beachy waves. 


Creating these lovely long beachy waves is simple, you will need to invest in a flat iron. Part your hair and hold in small ponytails, twist and carefully flat-iron the twists. The pretty waves you are looking for is got in no time.

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So go ahead and flaunt the hairstyle that picks your fancy the most!

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