Essential steps for your night-time beauty routine 

Does the 10-step skincare routine seem too daunting for you? While it is always good to take out the time for your beauty goals, you can see a difference even if you put in just those extra minutes of effort before retiring to bed. Here are basic night-time essentials steps for all you busy bees out there… 

Cleanse to reset

Unwind from all that transpired during the day with a mental reset and clean face. Begin with getting rid of the makeup you wore throughout the day. Micellar cleansing water is a good option as it gently dissolves and lifts away the dirt and grease from the skin. When it comes to the eyes, you have to be extra careful considering how sensitive the skin around it is. Here you can use a gentle dissolving eye makeup remover

Apart from removing makeup, banishing the excess dirt and sebum from the pores is very important (no surprises here). For best results you can opt for double cleansing, it is suggested by many skin experts as well as A-list celebs. Use an oil cleanser which you can gently massage into your skin a little with fingertips. Wash with lukewarm water and follow with water-based cleanser. The latter might appear to be gentle but it will remove the dirt from the skin more efficiently. Lastly, rinse well and lock the pores with cold water. 

Treat with serums

Consider them as a beauty star! Serums are super potent skincare products that contain concentrated amounts of essential ingredients. Their formula is usually aimed at regeneration and repairing.

Choose a serum based on the ingredients that work well for your skin. If you are looking for treatments for acne, pay attention to the ones that contain salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid. Whereas those with hyperpigmentation and anti-ageing issues can opt for serums with vitamin C and retinol.

Hydrate and balance skin’s pH level with toners

Toners are often ignored in the beauty routine. Their ability to make the skin healthy and visibly beautiful are rarely discussed. This water-like product works towards adding more hydration and also balancing the pH level of the skin. This, in turn, gets it prepared for all the ingredients that will follow in the next of the night routine. 

Use a cotton pad to dab and press the toner onto the skin. You can opt for something like Kaya Clinic Purifying Toner, that is gentle yet very effective.

Moisturise to lock all the goodness

A moisturiser undoubtedly makes the skin feel soft and plump immediately after application. But here, the intention is to lock in all the goodness that we loaded during the previous steps. This ensures that the skin benefits from all the essentials and stays well hydrated. Choose a light-textured product that doesn’t clog pores or leave any tacky residue behind.

Rounding up on a list of best products for nighttime skincare is very personal. After experimenting with a possible combination of the products, you will be able to figure out what works the best on your skin. 

-By Shalini Srivastava 

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