Decoding Anushka Sharma’s top 5 beauty looks

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A true beauty with brains, Anushka Sharma has charmed us with her witty banter as well as gorgeous looks. Be it at an airport, in a glam diva avatar or while hanging out with her hubby, this actress always appears on point. Here, we decode 5 of her best makeup looks…

Anushka Sharma Bridal Makeup Look

Unlike the heavy-duty makeup commonly seen on Indian brides, Anushka kept all of her bridal looks as simple as possible. She opted for pastels instead of bright tones looking fresh and youthful!

Steps to recreate this look:

  1. Cleanse the skin and moisturise the face and neck. Apply face primer.
  2. Use a corrector for the undereye area and pigmentation you wish to hide.
  3. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Try to create a flawless base because clear glowing skin is the central attraction for this look.
  4. Now prime the eyelids with a concealer or eye primer. Set it with powder.
  5. Fill in the eyebrows with a suitable eyebrow filler (powder, pencil or pomade as per your liking) 1-2 tone lighter than your eyebrow’s natural tone. The finish should be natural.
  6. Take a matte coral eyeshadow and apply it as your crease blending colour with a fluffy crease brush. Create a natural-looking crease with it. If you have pigmented eyelid or dusky complexion, use a mauvy coral crease colour for a natural finish.
  7. Take a shimmer, satin finish taupe or rose gold eyeshadow in a flat brush and apply all over the lid.
  8. For the outer V part, use a satin finish warm brow colour in a smaller blending brush and blend.
  9. Blend all the shadows and apply a highlighter shadow in the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone.
  10. Apply a thick layer of kajal on the lower waterline and tightline the upper waterline. Set the lower lashline with a matte brown eyeshadow to prevent smudging. Do a smudged winged liner on the upper lid with a black eyeshadow.
  11. Lightly contour the face with a cool-toned powder contour. Blend a coral blush to the cheeks and highlight the face with a rose gold shimmer highlighter.
  12. Apply a powder matte earthy peach-brown lip colour.
  13. Anushka did not go for false lashes but you can if you like.

Classic Black Smokey Hot Chic Look

This is an intense black smokey look that Anushka often opts for. It is all about eyes and clever use of face sculpting through contouring. The use of shimmer highlighter is kept minimal.

Steps to recreate this look:

  1. Start with applying moisturiser on freshly cleansed skin.
  2. Fill in the eyebrows with an eyebrow filler and set it with a brow mascara. The finish should be in-between; neither too strong nor completely natural.
  3. Prime eyelids and fill in a bone coloured eyeshadow or loose powder to set the primer.
  4. Take a light brown matte eyeshadow and define the crease with it by blending slightly above and below the crease.
  5. Apply black kohl on the lid as a base and blend it with a synthetic eye brush. Now take the same brown shadow and set the kajal. Mix it with the crease so that there are no harsh edges visible.
  6. Tightline the upper and lower lashline with intense black kohl. Smudge the lower waterline kajal with the matte brown shade used before.
  7. Apply mascara and volumising false lashes with natural finish.
  8. Highlight the brow bone with matte bone coloured eyeshadow and inner corner of the eye with a gold shimmer highlighter.
  9. Now correct undereye if required with a peach corrector.
  10. Apply foundation using a stippling brush or beauty blender. Conceal the under eyes if needed.
  11. Opt for a highlighting concealer to the high points of face and contour on required places.
  12. Set the contour and highlight with translucent powder or contour powder.
  13. Finish off with a cool-toned nude lip colour.

The Sultry Glam Look

This shimmer bronzer based look was sported by the diva at the edition of Grazia magazine. It is perfect for evening gatherings and cocktail parties!

Steps to recreate this look:

  1. Cleanse the skin; moisturize the face and neck. Apply face primer.
  2. Start by blending in a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Do a sheer layer and add in more if needed. Mix a little strobe cream or liquid highlighter to the foundation for an overall glow.
  3. Conceal wherever required. Apply cream contour and highlighter.
  4. Now set everything with a shimmer setting powder.
  5. Fill the brows to get a strong brow appearance.
  6. Take a warm-toned bronzer or a bronze eyeshadow and apply all over the lid. Use a slightly darker brown to create a faded outer V effect. Now blend everything up to the crease with a skin-toned brown nude eyeshadow.
  7. Apply beige kohl on lower lid and tightline upper lid with a brown kajal. Smudge the lower lid with a brown eyeshadow in an angular brush. Apply mascara generously.
  8. Take a shimmery warm toned bronzer and sculpt the face with it. Highlight using a strobe cream or powder highlighter of silver tone.
  9. Finish it off with a deep red or burgundy lipstick.

The ‘Desi’ Look

This is a glittery festive look that goes well with traditional attires and heavy jewellery. A no blush-only bronze makeup, it focuses on shimmery gradient eyes, contouring and earthy toned lips. Anushka used taupe toned eyeshadows and silver-based shimmer here. But if we replace this to gold, rose gold or peach tones keeping the makeup techniques same, we can achieve multiple different looks.

Steps to recreate this look:

  1. Cleanse the skin and moisturise the face and neck. Apply face primer.
  2. Use a corrector for the under eyes and any pigmentation you wish to hide.
  3. Start with the eyes as we will be using shimmer eyeshadows that are prone to fall-outs. Fill the brows with a brow cream first and then set it with brow powder and brow mascara.
  4. Prime eyelids with concealer and setting powder.
  5. Apply a matte taupe eyeshadow in the crease. The shadow should be 2-3 tones darker than your skin tone.
  6. Take a pearl finish taupe eyeshadow for the lid and a cool-toned deep brown shade for outer-V. Blend all shades in the crease using the same eyeshadow.
  7. 7.Tightline both upper and lower lash line with a kajal. Smudge the lower lashline and apply the shimmery taupe shade on the inner 1/3 and the outer-V shade on outer 2/3rd. Do not forget to highlight brow bone and inner corners of the eyes
  8. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  9. Follow it with a cream contour and matte liquid highlighter. Blend with soft stippling motion until it gives a nice gradient effect.
  10. Now set the contour with a cool-toned matte bronzer and highlighted areas using a banana powder.
  11. Finish it off with a matte cool-toned brown nude lipstick.

Minimally Gorgeous Look

Anyone can carry such a muted yet fresh look on an everyday basis! This daytime smokey eye can be intensified to achieve a night look.

Steps to recreate this look:

  1. Start by spot concealing pigmentation patches and acne marks (if you have any).
  2. Fill the brows. Prime eyelids with a concealer or eye primer and set it with powder.
  3. Tightline both upper and lower waterline with kohl. Apply the same kajal on the eyelid in a thin to medium line. Smudge it with a smudger brush or q-tip. The kajal should stay in the lid only.
  4. Now take a matte brown eye shadow and apply it on top of the smudged kajal. With a fluffy blending brush, apply the brown eyeshadow to the crease. Blend the lower lashline with same brown shade. Apply a thin line of kajal to the eyelid to finish the eye makeup.
  5. Do a sheer layer of foundation or bb cream. Try to keep the finish as natural as possible.
  6. Select a peach or coral blush and apply to the apple of your cheeks.
  7. Take a matte bronzer and contour the nose, forehead and cheek with it with light hands (optional step).
  8. Apply mascara and a peach brown matte lipstick.

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