Beard talk with TV Celebrity Shashank Vyas 

No-Shave November might last for a month, but all of you who belong to the beard brigade know the banes and boons of maintaining your moustache only too well! Here, we are happy to have with us the very talented and dapper actor Shashank Vyas. Along with moving us with his acting prowess, the celebrity has some interesting insights of the beard grooming domain too…

What’s your opinion about the No-Shave November month? Is there anything in particular that you are sporting this month?

As an artist, I need to keep my look according to my character. But as I am not shooting these days, I have grown a beard right now which I like. For me, a beard must be neat, clean and the properly shaped, it should not the shabby or uneven.

Are there any steps you take to maintain your beard?

Just as we take care of our head hair with shampooing and conditioning it regularly, the same steps apply here as well. And of course, proper oiling is very important to give it nourishment. I do not go for any specific shampoos but just believe in basic oiling twice a week, that’s it.

Is there a certain look that you would sport on-screen vs off-screen?

As a creative person, I tend to get bored with the routine and keep changing my looks to mid-length hair, short hair or the stubble. When I meet my industry friends after 10 to 15 days in a month, they also tell me that ‘arree, phir se change!’ These statements are very common to me.

What is your favourite look?

I love the stubble look. I am not somebody who follows fashion, but rather go for something that suits me. I do not like a long beard, while it might look nice on somebody else, it is not for me.

Do you have any tips for your fans, to the men who look up to you and your looks? 

You must use proper oil. What I opt for might not necessarily go with another person. So, it is very important to understand the quality of your beard, research and choose an oil accordingly. Another basic thing is to have your beard properly shaped.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Currently, a beard is considered as a symbol of machoism. The whole perception is wrong, it does not prove that you are an alpha male. Fashion comes and goes so you have to ask yourself whether you are keeping the beard out of some pressure to be macho. By the end of it, go for what suits you.

-By Prajna Rao 

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