Winter care grooming essentials for the perfect gentleman 

Is the nip in the air doing all sorts of strange things to your skin, hair and beard? You might think that your tough and hard skin will shield you from the harsh weather outside, but the truth is that this is the time it needs more care. “Winter brings in cold air which is very dry due to low humidity. It makes the skin rough and dehydrated. Whatever little moisture is left for hair follicles dries up, making it very brittle and dirty,” says Toronto based Stylist Aditya Trivedi.

For this very reason why bring to you a list of grooming essentials that will help you survive the weather in style.  

Why men’s grooming range

But first, let’s answer the question that might be running in your mind. Why a specific range for men? Dermatologist, Soham Vyas says, “Men’s skin is about 25% thicker and oilier than that of women. The male hormone testosterone causes the male skin to age and look differently. That is why, in the past decade or so, there has been such a rush on men’s grooming range.”

So now let’s zero in on the kinds of products that will help you…

1) Nivea Men Moisturising Creme

One of the most popular moisturising creams is in the market, Nivea Men is specially made for the tough skin of men. This product brings in that perfect balance of being non-greasy and non-sticky but still deeply moisturising and quickly getting absorbed. The cream is specifically made to give a boost of hydration and prevent dryness. Plus, it does not have a heavy fragrance. 

“I have a sensitive skin structure. After trying many creams, I decided on Nivea Men moisturising creme. As I sit in AC classes all day long, the skin of my face and arms dries up fast. A quick trip to the washroom to apply this product and I am good to go all day long,” says Avinash Nair, a college student. 

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2) Nivea Men Active Care Caring Lip Balm SPF 15

Who uses a lip balm? Well, real men do. Or at least those who do not want to be caught with chapped cracking lips. For them, Nivea Men has brought the active care range with SPF 15. It contains Pro-vitamin B5 and Hydra IQ which safeguards the lips by providing long-lasting moisture during winter. And the SPF 15 also protects during those long bike rides in the sun.

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3) Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

For those of us who like to care for our skin a bit more than the routine, Beardo brings the Activated Charcoal Face Scrub. Dr Soham Vyas believes that exfoliation is important for both genders but is often ignored by most men. “We think that exfoliation is a completely female skincare regimen. Honestly, it is more needed for men because their skin is tougher and so more susceptible to dirt.” 

This amazing product contains activated charcoal which pulls out deep-rooted impurities and dirt and cleans out the daily build-up of oil and dead skin cells. It leaves the face super clean, smooth and taunt. 

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4) Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream – Anti-Dandruff

Parachute Advansed Men Hair Anti-Dandruff Cream contains extracts of lemon, neem and tea tree oil. Lemon is a known ingredient to help with dandruff and itching caused by it, while neem has antibacterial properties that keep the dandruff from returning. It also has the goodness of coconut milk proteins which nourishes the hair and gives it a healthy shine. 

College Lecturer Roger Rosario used to feel ashamed to go to work or pick up his daughter from school during winter. “Every winter I would get dandruff and it was so serious that you can see snow-like fall on my shoulders and arms. I tried a lot of things but other than making my hair rougher, nothing really worked. Finally, Parachute introduced this hair cream, which I thought would at least keep my hair nourished. I was pleasantly surprised when the anti-dandruff formula worked for me. It is now my staple during winter,” shares Roger.

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5) Brylcreem Dri Damage Protect Hair Styling Gel 

As Aditya Trivedi said, cold winter winds completely drain whatever little moisture is left in the hair follicles, leaving them dry, brittle and coarse. One of the world’s iconic hairstyling companies, Brylcreem brings you Dri Damage Protect hair styling gel. It contains glycerol which is the go-to for shiny soft and well-groomed hair. 

The product stays in for 24 hours and gives you a clean wet look which feels fresh all day. It has company-patented formula that works wonders for dry hair during winter and protects it from further damage. 

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6) Loreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club – Short Beard & Face Moisturiser

Many men consider shaving as a sacred manly ritual. The new trends in beards and moustaches have led to men sporting various styles, which are acceptable in a corporate setting. These have led to a demand in niche beard and moustache products. Who would want to see a dirty beard anyway? 

The Loreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club – Short Beard & Face Moisturiser comes with enriched essential oils that are specifically formulated for facial hair. Without any parabens or colourants, this exceptional product is designed to keep your facial hair and the skin underneath, completely moisturised and smooth. The essential oils in this product keep itchiness at bay and conditions your skin leaving it soft and non-greasy.

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7) Man Arden Beard Softener – Hydrating & Nourishing With Natural Oils

Following the No-Shave November, trend had become a tad uneasy for School Teacher Akhilesh Kumar. He had a thick growth of beard but it was becoming difficult to manage as the temperature keeps dropping. After a friend suggested it to him, Akhilesh bought the Man Arden Beard Softener and has been a happy guy since then. “I ride my bike to work every day during the early morning. The cold air had caused my beard to go all dry and brittle. I was not sure what to do. Man Arden Beard Softener has been a blessing.” he says.

It is infused with natural oils, Vitamin B and other active ingredients that help condition the beard hair. Other ingredients like cold-pressed castor oil, cold-pressed sesame oil, cold-pressed sunflower oil, cold-pressed oil golden virgin jojoba, vitamin e oil, cold-pressed grape seed oil keep it moisturised and help in growth. Other fruits and nut butters help locking in the moisture and keeps the beard hair from splitting. 

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8) Gillette Series Shave Gel – Sensitive Skin

Most men find that their skin becomes all sorts of weird during winters. Some find that their usual shaving gel suddenly causes redness and itching. Winter can do that, making your face extra sensitive. Razors, blades and trimmers can only escalate the problem. 

Gillette Series has come up with this shave gel specially formulated for sensitive skin. The product comes with a triple protection formula that helps with tightness, nicks and cuts and redness. It has extracts of aloe vera which protects skin against infections and helps nourish them. The cream is smooth in texture making it quick to work and easy to shave on the hard texture of the winter skin. 

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9) The Man Company Chafing & Irritation Prevention Cream For Men

One of the better things about winter are the clothes. Jeans, corduroys, jackets, denim all make it to the top of the trends in men’s wear. What also makes it to the top is chafing and irritation. Heavy fabric rubbing against skin can cause blisters, redness, itching and even bleeding.  

To help with those, The Man Company has brought forth the Chafing & Irritation Prevention Cream For Men. It contains coconut and neem extracts that helps in keeping the skin moisturised and infections at bay. It protects against blisters, soreness and chafing, by absorbing excess moisture all day long. Both coconut and neem are known for their antiseptic properties which keep the skin protected and well cared for.

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10) Nivea Men Deep Impact Comfort After Shave Lotion – Antibacterial Effect 

An after-shave lotion effectively works against nicks and cuts which have been caused by shaving. Shaving in winters, however, cause more than nicks and cuts. It rips off the moisture in the skin, leaving it dry and cracking. The hair follicles are also left dehydrated. 

Nivea Men Deep Impact Comfort After Shave Lotion contains a powerful antibacterial formula that prevents any infection from the nicks caused during shaving. It has precious essential oils that prevent the aftershave from drying, leaving the skin smooth and taut. It also helps restore and retain moisture lost while shaving, leaving only a slight woody fragrance on the skin.

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Good male grooming is quite underrated. We believe that grooming is essentially a female ritual. However, in the words of iconic American fashion designer, “Every man should have a magnifying mirror. If you look good magnified, you are good to go.”

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