Top 10 perfumes for this party season

It is officially the party season! Time to bring out those LBDs, tuxes and heels and book those salon appointments to look your best. You may be all set with your outfits, heels and hair but you are never ready without your signature scents. While it is quite easy to stick to the classics and the trusted brands, we bring to you a list of some fragrances that can go from simply floral, fresh, scintillating, edgy and downright overpowering.

1) Engage L’amant – Eau De Toilette, For Her

ITC’s fragrance brand Engage launched its premium range of perfumes this year in August. Exclusively made in France, these scents are infused with exotic ingredients to be made available for a wider customer base. Oscillating from elegant notes of jasmine to tender rose, the top note in this mesmerising fragrance is infused with sparkling citrus and fruits whereas the base note is formed by flavourful caramel and amber. A perfect aroma for special events like dates, weddings or parties, it is soothing to the senses, without being overpowering. A perfect BFF to your party gown and updo.

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2) Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette

This winsome combination from one of the world’s most beautiful cities is for those who serenade victory. This aroma from the fashion house of Paco Rabanne in Paris first hits with grapefruit and marine accords in the top note filled with freshness and then soothes the senses with a middle note blend of bay leaf and hedione jasmine. Finally, it settles in blissfully with base notes of patchouli, oakmoss, guaiac wood and ambergris. This is a fragrance especially built to understand what being at the top feels like, going from a hard hit to a soothing, content feeling. It is very masculine and very edgy. If you want to go to a party and feel like the guest of honour, this is your scent.

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3) Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum For Women

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl range of perfumes honours the duality of a female – audacious and sexy, elegant and enigmatic, good and bad. Packaged in a heel-like bottle, this powerful perfume is infused with tuberose and jasmine sambac for your good side and adds in the addictive notes of roasted Tonka beans and cocoa to indulge your bad side. Are you a good girl who works hard at your workplace? Time to wear this scent and party equally hard this holiday season. Embrace that duality!

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4) Dorall Collection DC 4 U Men

Simply put, the house of Dorall celebrates free expression as well as art and the freedom that comes with it. The DC 4 U range is especially created to uphold street art and its irony of edginess and simplicity. It is a clean fresh scent with a warm heart. With top notes of violet leaves and lavender, mid notes of nutmeg and sandalwood and base notes of amber and musk, the delight is a woody and floral fragrance that spreads the vibe of free love and expression. Dab some of it for a party and set off your free spirit for some boho adventure.

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5) DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum

DKNY Be Delicious range of perfumes from the house of Donna Karan New York is the perfect scent for a party. As with all of Donna Karan fashion, it brings out the happy, energetic and peppy vibe of the city of New York. Inspired by the never-sleep attitude of the city of the world, DKNY perfumes are fresh featuring top notes of juicy grapefruit and cool cucumber, followed by notes of fresh apple and delicate rose, all on base notes of warm amber and oriental rich sandalwood. You know how people call someone the life of the party? This scent is meant for that person. Dab some on your wrists and be the life of the party.

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6) Tommy Hilfiger Now Eau De Toilette

Sometimes, the best way to be yourself is to return to the trusted classics. One of those is the Now range of perfumes from Tommy Hilfiger. Infused with the top notes of bergamot and mandarin orange, middle notes of geranium, ginger and cardamom and base notes of moss and amber wood, this is a vintage range for the men. A woody spicy fragrance that soothes the olfactory senses and makes you feel debonair. This perfume is perfect for those retro-themed parties where you may want to give out a Marlon Brando from The Godfather-like vibe. A vintage tux and this perfume are all you need.

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7) Bentley Infinite Intense Eau De Parfum

Bentley Infinite Intense is one of its kind. This eau de parfum first entices with a marriage of spicy notes and violet leaves trailing off to a woody trail, created in the image of the Bentley spirit: potent and macho. Be that powerful personality of a party, whose presence lingers even after he has left the room. Bentley Infinite Intense Eau De Parfum gives you that aura and makes you the most sought-after man in a party. Hold a court, dictate the music and make the crowds dance to your tunes.

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8) United Colors Of Benetton Colors Pink For Her Eau De Toilette

UCB’s Colors Pink for Her is an essentially feminine range designed for the optimistic, multicultural and gorgeous side of you. It first appeals with citrus and fruity top notes infused with bergamot, mandarin, passion fruit. The middle notes are floral containing orange blossom, rose, and jasmine. Lastly, it ends with the woody amber and oriental base notes of wood, amber accord, vanilla and musk accords. This perfume is apt for the woman of today!

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9) Ferrari Scuderia Black Eau De Toilette

Going back to the classics again, Ferrari Scuderia Black is an ode to the legendary Ferrari Black, but with new interpretations and twists. Releasing a freshness of citrus that is perfectly balanced with a juicy touch of plums at the top, this fragrance defines strength and harmony in an elegant way. The middle notes contain warm spices and floral notes which diffuses a deep mystery of the modern man. The base ends with woody notes of amber, amyris wood and cedarwood with a touch of crystals musk and a hint of vanilla brings to fore his masculine sensuality. This perfume is meant of those who rule the parties with their presence and charisma.

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10) Skinn by Titan Amalfi Bleu By Skinn For Men, 90 ml

Bringing in the fresh Mediterranean breeze and the azure waters of the Amalfi coast, this fresh and vibrant perfume by Titan is perfect for day parties. Infused with top notes of citrus, lavender, and galbanum, middle notes of vetiver and orange flower and base notes of moss and musk, this crisp scent crafted in France is all things summery and happy. It stays all day long and is as dynamic and modern as your persona.

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As your mail fills up with party invitations, let us spoil you for choice with these amazing perfumes to fill your senses. Spread your happy vibe this party season.

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