Scrumptious brunch ideas that are super easy to make

Sunday is a fun day, a day when you can afford to be lazy without guilt. You sleep in beyond your usual time or just lounge around on the couch. But as your stomach slowly begins to growl, you realise that it’s too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. Well, what about brunch then? Here, we would like to share some exciting brunch ideas with you that are scrumptious and easy to make.

Stuffed Sabji Sandwiches

Sandwiches will never go out of fashion. They are eternal and eternally inviting. So, go ahead try your hand at this super lavish sandwich.

Chop some onions and sauté them till brown and caramelized. Slice some tomatoes. Slather nice and thick slices of bread with sinful butter and layer it with caramelized onion and tomatoes. Add a slice of cheese and sprinkle some pepper. You can also sprinkle some aamchur to make it tangy. Grill it till the cheese melts. If you don’t have a sandwich maker, then a hot tava and butter should do the trick. Now here comes the twist! If you have some leftover sabji, mash it well and fill that into the sandwich too. Are you feeling adventurous this Sunday morning? Then you can also cut the bread into triangles and deep fry them. Serve with khatta meetha chutney or whatever is handy at home. Crispy and delicious; what else do you need to make a healthy and heavenly brunch.

Pav or bread Upma

Oh the sinful bread again! Don’t we all secretly love the loaf! So, here’s a recipe which will pep up your Sunday leaving you enough time for a much-earned siesta.

Do you have pav or bread handy? Simply, make bite-size pieces of the pav/bread. In a big bowl or Ziploc bag add some turmeric, salt and a little sugar. Add the bread to the bowl and shake till its coated nicely. In a wok heat up some oil. You may have to add a little more oil to make the pav/bread crispy. Add rai seeds, jeera and let it splutter. Once it releases fragrance add the pav/bread pieces. You can add a dash of garam masala and keep stirring it till the pav gets crispy. Your delightful brunch is ready in minutes.

Aatey Ka Chilla

The ease of making chillas is always welcome on a lazy day. They are power packed with nutrition and taste which is an added bonus. There are minimal ingredients and you can get them ready in a breeze.

So, take two cups of roti atta. Add water to make a thick paste. To this paste add a tablespoon of curd, coriander, onions and tomatoes which are cut finely. Add some semolina to make the dough crispy. Add salt to taste. If you want to make it zesty add a teaspoon of garam masala. Now heat a tava and grease it with oil. Once it is hot enough add a spatula of this batter and spread gently. Cover it till cooked. Once the underside turns brown flip it and let the chilla get crispy. Serve hot with pickle or chutney.

Buddha Bowl

There’s something very alluring about a meal in a bowl. Somehow it gives the feel of comfort food but with a fancy quotient. This recipe has a base of rice though you can make it with noodles too.

You can make a fancy Buddha bowl with last night’s leftover. So, go ahead and prepare some rice. Heat up the leftover sabji and mix it lightly to the rice. Keep an eye on the salt as the dish would already have it. Garnish with coriander leaves and some sautéed onions or garlic.

If you wish to make this Buddha Bowl from scratch, all you need to have is fresh rice and some vegetables on hand. Chop carrots, capsicum, yellow pumpkin, purple cabbage into bite size. In a wok, prepare the tadka of rai seeds, jeera, turmeric, and methi seeds. Once the seeds splutter, add all the vegetables except the purple cabbage to the wok. Sauté the vegetables and ensure that the yellow pumpkin is cooked well. All the veggies should be al dente. Lower the flame and add the cooked rice to it. Add salt to taste and a squeeze of lemon. Garnish with coriander.

Make raita by adding purple cabbage to curd with a squeeze of lemon and salt to taste. You can add a little sugar to give this raita a twist.  Grab your plate. Enjoy.

Dal Paratha

Parathas are one of the most versatile dishes we have come across. They could be made as easy or as complicated as the time on your hand. No matter which you choose, the result will always be a heavenly steaming portion of joy in a plate.

Have you ever had paratha made of dal? If not, then you have been missing out on some delicious grub. This oh-so-simple dish works wonderfully if you have leftover dal. If not, you can quickly make some dal in the pressure cooker.

Add some atta to the dal and make nice soft dough. Add your choice of garnish. Have leftover sabji from last night? Well, you can stuff that in too if you like to make a really tasty treat that has the health of vegetables, dal and paratha all in one. Now you know the drill. Make these parathas and serve them hot. You can try and make haath-ka-paratha. You simply make these beauties by the palm of your hand taking a small ball of dough. Grease your palm with oil and keep spreading the ball till it spreads out into a circle of delight. Heat and eat.

Vegetable Stir-fry

Whole meals with nothing but vegetables seem to be the easiest to dish out in no time. So here comes a fresh and no-frills recipe.

You will need sliced onions, garlic, mushrooms, zucchini and chopped tomatoes. Heat vegetable oil in a wok or frying pan. Add the onions and garlic and cook till transparent. Add mushrooms, zucchini and chopped tomatoes and cook for about 5 minutes. Lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Add soya sauce, sesame oil and vinegar to taste. Cook for a minute and season with pepper and basil leaves. Serve hot!

We suggest you don’t go all out to make a flamboyant meal this Sunday. A brunch saves you a bunch of time that you could easily be whiling away doing what you deserve the most – nothing!

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