Woo your date with these grooming products

Men who have planned a special date night, take their celebrations quite seriously. It’s not just important to plan a beautiful time together but equally significant to prep yourself as well for the memorable night.

Choosing to get a good haircut and grooming yourself for a great look is a given for the day. However, it is important to know what hairstyle will bring out the best features on your face. Each face is unique, and that’s the beauty of it. Thus, it is good to know the type of face you have before deciding on what hairdo to go for. After all, you cannot afford to go wrong for your special someone on such a special occasion, can you?

Today we bring you a list of grooming products that men can benefit from to get different looks depending on their face cut.

Oblong Shaped Face

An oblong face is when your face is longer than it is wide. Shorter haircuts are best suited for it. A side-swept crew cut, a side part, a brush-up or short spiky hair are some of the hairstyles that could look extremely cool on men with this face structure.

The Set Wet Vertical Hold Hair Gel is a great product if you wish to try out short spikes for the special night. This 100% alcohol-free gel contains Pro-Vitamin B5 water-soluble vitamin that keeps the hair hydrated and conditioned, without making it look dry and flaky.

If you plan to go for formal attire for this curious affair, swept-up hair is your best choice. Try USTRAA Hair Wax for a matte look that will make sure that your hair stays as per your liking. It also comes formulated with lavender oil which helps with nourishing hair follicles, all the while making you smell like the sexiest man of all time.

As your face is long, a bushy beard is a strict no-no so as not to make your face look even longer. If you do wish to show off your facial hair, it is best to trim it a bit and style it out in a close crop that looks clean and moisturised.

To style your beard, you can try Beardo Beard & Mustache Wax – Extra Strong that is infused with Coconut Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Perfume, Liquid Paraffin & Menthol. This product will ensure that while your beard is firmly in place; it is also frizz-free and shiny.

Oval Shaped Face

An oval face is completely narrow with no sharp edges. This is one of most versatile type of faces as almost any hairstyle will suit it. However, for the man looking to impress his date, you need something extraordinary. Hairstyles like brush back, mid fade pompadour, taper fade quiff and undercut with comb over are just some styles you can get for that one special day. One tip is to avoid bangs or fringes which may end up giving you a huge forehead.

Brylcreem Dandruff Protect Hair Styling Cream is one the best hair styling cream available which will help manage your messy hair into the above-mentioned hairstyles. It contains climbazole and mineral oils that nourish your hair. This cream is specially formulated for men with dandruff issues as climbazole is known for its anti-dandruff properties. Use this product to get a glossy classic look.

For an oval face, in most cases, men have rounded chins. So, it is important to have a fair amount of facial hair on your chin to attempt any kind of beard. Oval faces look extremely good when beards are complemented with moustaches. A thin, long well-groomed moustache can enhance a beard and completely change the look for the better. One thing to keep in mind is that for oval faces, too much hair on cheeks should be avoided to escape a puffed-up look.

Man Arden 7X Beard Oil For Beard Growth – Royal Odh is an organic product you can use to groom your beard and moustache with. It is an easy formula that works on multiple levels in transforming a messy scraggly beard and moustache into something classic, well-nourished and sleek. This is one of the best products for goatees as its Royal Odh blend leaves your face, moustache and beard smelling great. What more do you need to woo your girl on this special occasion?

Diamond Shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face is angular with prominent cheekbones and a strong jaw. It is important to balance out your hairstyle with your facial hairstyle to get the perfect look. Fauxhawk, textured crop, slick back, high fade with fringe, and most haircuts with fringes look great on this face structure.

A fringe or hawk-like hair cut cannot be styled with a gel as they tend to get messy. It is best to use hair spray in such cases. So, if you decide to go for a fringe cut for this celebration, you must try the Schwarzkopf Taft Keratin Hair Spray Ultra Strong 4. It is a magical product that contains liquid keratin. It can hold your fringe up for almost 48 hours, nourish and strengthen your hair. More importantly, it doesn’t feel heavy or dry out your hair making them look like sticks. It is a soft, non-greasy spray that will simply hold your hairstyle in place.

As the diamond shape of your face dictates that you have wide cheekbones and tapered forehead and chin, it is advisable to keep some hair on your chin to offset the wide cheekbones. The idea is to create an illusion of more structured bone features. You need to round out the hair on your chin and go wide on cheeks and near the jawline. A lighter hand on the moustache will also emphasise your cheeks and jawline.

As you have more face covered under your beard, you need something like The Man Company Smoothening Beard Oil with Argan & Geranium to keep your beard smooth and shiny and to avoid skin irritation. This oil contains argan oil extracts which helps protect and nourish beard hair from the follicles, making your beard soft to touch. Are you looking to get a super cool and sexy look on this date night? Get this product now.

Round Shaped Face

Round faces are essentially equal in length and breadth. To make your round face interesting and arresting, you should attempt hairstyles and beard styles that add some definition to your face.

The best way to get a perfectly balanced look is to opt for a cut that is shorter on the sides and taller on the top, which will give a good symmetry to your face. Side-swept brush-up, spiky, smooth face with slick back, high skin fade with pompadour are some of the styles that could complement a round face.

All the hairstyles that suit this face form require a full head of hair and a good styling product. Go for a product that doesn’t make your hair stick to your head, flattening it or make it messy or shaggy. Gatsby Water Gloss Hyper Solid – Red is a great styling gel that comes with water-soluble protein ingredients that give your locks a good gloss without making them stick. It gives you a wet look without being too sticky or greasy. Easier to wash with water, it is very lightweight, giving you a polished date-night-ready look.

A round face is almost a canvas when it comes to styling beard hair. You need to give edges and angles and thus a full bushy beard won’t work for you. A triangular beard with a perfectly shaped moustache (think the inimitable Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark) is the best for round face. You need a decent coverage of hair but more importantly, a well-moisturised slick-looking beard and moustache that shape well. No woman can resist a Tony Stark beard, especially on this momentous night!

As for this style of beard and moustache you need more conditioned facial hair and Spruce Shave Club Beard Softener For Conditioning & Nourishment – Bergamot & Lavender is your best bet. It contains natural essential oils, butter & extracts which are the best ingredients when it comes to conditioning and hydrating frizzy beard hair. It also contains mango butter which is another moisturising accessory, as it leaves you smelling fresh and clean for your special lady.

Square Shaped Face

A square face has an angled and prominent bone structure. It is often considered the best masculine face shape. The right way to choose a hairstyle for men with square faces is to go for haircuts that will soften the sharp features. Go for a textured comb-over, a buzz cut, high fade with a quiff, or a crew cut to look irresistible.

As this shape of the face can go with long or short hair, you need a styling gel that works to give your tresses a super glossy slick look. Man Arden Hair Wax for Styling With Strong Hold & Gloss Finish is the perfect product for you. It manages to control the frizz and gives a smooth finish without being too sticky. This product perfectly suits all sorts of hair lengths, from short to medium and long.

Having a square face gives the advantage to decide the length of facial hair you want to keep. You can opt for a short-cropped beard and moustache to look absolutely great. A simple beard styling gel will do the job for you just fine. However, if you decide to go for a bushy strong beard on your chin, which is best suited to soften the sharp angles of your square face, it’s best to groom your beard to perfection. Nobody likes beards that have scraggly bits in it.

Beardo Beard Wash The Classic is your number one choice for a clean sophisticated beard. It has a great concoction of vanilla, nutmeg and lime which provides good cleaning, conditioning and volume. It is a must-have for those who prefer a thick beard to be their primary facial feature.

Go on and spruce up those tresses and facial hair and put all your manly charm to work. Your lady is awaiting her knight in shining glossy hair to show her a great time on this date night.


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