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Facial Sheet Masks for Each Skin Concern

The year 2018 gave us a trend when celebs across the world started Instagramming photos of themselves in what will become a rage called facial sheet masks. Originating from the heartland of skincare and beauty, South Korea and Japan, sheet masks have become an essential part of the skincare regimen these days.

Sheet masks are packaged pieces of face-shaped fabric that come doused in various serum-based formulas. These formulas contain active ingredients that help with different skin concerns. When the sheet masks are applied, the active ingredients are delivered directly and effectively deep into the skin.

Why sheet mask is one of the go-to skincare products now?

While there are creams, serums and lotions available for all kinds of problems, these are mostly for long-term usage and even then, you may take a while to figure out what works for you. Here is where sheet masks score better than lotions and creams. You can easily see what works for you by using sheet masks because the results are visibly instant.

The masks come soaked in specific formula-based serums and they work on the skin at a deeper and quicker level. This gives you an idea as to what works for you and how often you need to use it. Emulsified with serum in such a manner all sheet masks help get rid of flakiness and dryness of the skin, making it soft and supple.

Here are some common skin concerns of the modern Indian women and men that can be helped with sheet masks.


Like the body needs healthy food and water to nourish itself, our skin needs nourishment too. The skin on our face must bear a lot of strain and in the process ends up losing its sustenance. It is our job to provide it with nourishing agents from time to time so that our skin can maintain its radiance and look alive. There are a plethora of sheet masks available in the market with each one designed with specific components to deal with certain issues of the skin. Each of these masks provides your skin with much-needed love and care.

  1. Nourishment depends on various skin types and their particular needs.
  2. For dry and flaky skin, hydration is nourishment; for oily skin, the oil-controlling product is nourishment, while for specific issues like dullness, dark circles, acne, fine lines etc, the products that provide particular solutions leads to healthy skin.


Dermatologists name different causes for acne. While young pubescent acne is due to hormones, which can also happen to women during their period days, some acne is simply due to unclear unhealthy skin. Some maybe even due to unhealthy eating habits or the skin type. Change in weather also causes acne and related problems. However, one of the most common causes of acne is the accumulation of dirt and oil inside the pores on our skin, that lead to sebum build-up which then becomes acne or pimple.

  1. Sheet masks with serums infused with tea tree extracts, egg white extracts, salicylic acid, glutathione etc would work wonders on oily, acne-prone skin.
  2. These masks come with products to help soothe irritated skin and heal it with antibacterial



As we age, we lose some active agents in our skin called elastin and collagen which are mainly responsible for keeping our skin taut and smooth. While making the skin transparent and fragile, the lack of the agent also makes it hang loosely. Wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines etc are just some of the issues that plague the skin with the natural ageing of the body.

  1. While you follow your routine of retinol creams and serums for reducing those wrinkles, a sheet mask immediately works wonders. An application of 20 minutes twice a week will have your skin look supple and wondrously younger.
  2. Masks doused in retinol ingredients, AHA, avocado extracts, pomegranate extracts, rice extracts, green tea extracts, with toners and astringent properties work seamlessly to reduce the various concerns of ageing.



There are many reasons as to why your face, once bright and sunny, now looks simply dull. It could be some internal turmoil the body is undergoing or like in most cases, a huge line of external factors affecting your skin in general. Stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food habits, too much work are just some of the internal factors that could cause dullness in your skin. External factors like sun, pollution, neglect in skincare, wrong or expired products, ageing etc could also lead to a drab looking skin. Sheet masks can help a lot in such cases.

  1. Sheet masks are specifically infused with ingredients like lemon extracts, rice extracts, potato extracts, Vitamin C extracts etc, to give your face the best nourishment.
  2. While the ingredients help with clearing the dullness of the skin and cleansing it, the sheet masks are famously known for their hydrating effect that will bring that brightening visage to the fore.

Whatever your skin concern may be, these facial sheet masks are here to protect your skin and save the day. So, go ahead and do your skin a favour by indulging it in this wildly popular skincare product.

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