Hair Products that work magic from root to tips

Our hair is an extremely delicate part of our body which is why it is appraised as our ‘crowning glory’. The non-living strands of hair are made up of pure protein called keratin. The root of the hair is the only living part of the hair which gets its nourishment from the surrounding cells of the scalp. As the hair grows out of the scalp, its protein layer encounters the hostile environment, the harmful sunrays, the polluted air and the harsh chemicals in the form of shampoo, hair colour etc. Long hair is the dream of many. You too can flaunt a healthy lustrous mane, free from hair fall and breakage with the extra help of some good quality hair products that suit your scalp and hair. Here are some of the top-rated hair care products that can work magic from root to tip.

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil

Loss of almost 150 hair strands is quite natural for a healthy person but hair thickness decreases if your hair growth rate falls below the hair loss rate. Enriched with Bhringraj, Amla, Swetakutaja and Coconut oil, Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil supplies required nutrients to the scalp and induces hair growth. This oil is prepared by fortifying virgin coconut oil with other herbs in direct sunlight. When used 3 times a week for 4 continuous months, this ayurvedic hair oil makes hair soft, smooth and lustrous.

Dabur Almond Hair Oil

If malnourishment and hair loss are your day to day hair concerns, then Dabur Almond Hair Oil is here to save you. Infused with Almond protein and Vitamin E, this oil prevents dryness and split ends. It replenishes the moisture of the hair and scalp thus boosting scalp blood circulation. It helps in repairing hair damage and brings life and volume to dull hair. If you want soft and shiny hair in no time, mix a little aloe gel, curry leaf juice and deep condition your hair with this.

Mamaearth Hair Mask

Hair health is highly dependent on how you balance the natural moisture of your hair. Deep conditioning is a good way to restore your hair’s lost moisture. Mamaearth hair mask can be your best weekly hair treatment for shiny, soft and frizz-free hair. This chemical-free hair mask comes in three variants for three most common hair concerns. The Argan variant contains avocado, rosemary and bhringraj oil to promote hair growth and repair damages. The Tea tree oil variant takes care of dandruff and other fungal infections while nourishing the hair. The Onion variant is best for falling hair. If you want to save your hair damaging parlour treatments, do try these hair masks.

Dove Hair Fall Shampoo

Due to excess pollution, stresses of life and use of chemical hair colours or heat styling, our hair becomes fragile over time. Hair fall due to breakage and split ends can cause havoc to your hair. It even leads to untimely hair loss. Dove’s cream infused hair fall shampoo is a mild cleanser to cleanse your scalp and hair. This gentle cleanser does not rip off the natural moisture, rather makes hair nourished and manageable. It effectively reduces hair fall due to breakage and smoothens the dry ends of the hair.

Livon Serum

As we are aware, washing your hair every day is not good for your hair’s overall health in the long run. Over-washing your hair can dry your hair beyond repair. Livon Serum is a clever way to refresh your hair in between the wash days. You can also use it after hair wash for detangling. This hair serum is a light-weight dry oil for your hair that makes your hair styling easy. This serum is available in Vitamin E variant for all hair types and Argan oil variant for extra frizzy hair.

Godrej Nupur Henna

Henna treatment at regular intervals is a great way to fortify your hair with vitamins. Henna, being a natural colourant, can also be used to cover greys with zero chemical damage. This awesome henna pack is prepared by infusing 9 precious ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Jatamanasi, Neem, Brahmi with 100% pure Rajasthani henna. This henna pack fights scalp infections, dandruff while bringing a radiant shine to dull hair. You can also step it up by mixing sour curd, green tea or egg yolk to this henna pack.

Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner

Hair conditioners are miracle products for smooth and damage-free hair. Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner is an open secret to healthy and shiny hair. This conditioner provides effects of deep conditioning in minutes and tames down even the unruliest hair. The hair becomes strong and smooth to touch. If you want a salon spa treatment at home mix a little aloe gel and honey to the conditioner and use it in place of spa cream. You will be amazed to see the results!

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

Unless you are one of those blessed individuals with no hair issues, you might know the pains of losing hundreds of hair strands per day. Bhringraj-based growth-boosting oils are the need of the day for falling hair. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil is one such authentic ayurvedic hair oil potion that treats untimely hair loss, premature greying and also certain other issues like dandruff and inflammation in the scalp. This traditional recipe makes use of herbs like balloon vines, indigo and liquorice in a base of milk and sesame oil. A calming massage with this hair oil moisturises the hair and regularises sleep.

Wooden Comb

Combing your hair causes static and friction; both these are extremely damaging for your delicate hair. A wooden comb is a wonderful substitute for plastic combs as they cause minimal friction and thus minimal frizz. It also helps in uniformly distributing the natural oils of the scalp to the tips of the hair. The hair feels at ease with a relaxing massaging experience when you use a wooden comb. This also reduces stress to the scalp muscles. Wooden combs are also good for scalp detoxification and stimulating hair growth.

Celebrate a healthy mane with these hair care products and see the difference!

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