4-Step minimal makeup routine

Do you always compromise on makeup when in a rush? A ten-step elaborate makeup routine does not seem viable at times when we have just a few precious minutes at hand. So along with the time constraint and the beginner level makeup skill that most of us possess, we slowly and steadily ignore this form of adornment. Naturally, we cut back on makeup and most of our purchases sit there unused in our vanity awaiting their expiration date. If this is the scenario of your makeup journey, then sit tight! We have come up with 3 extra simple makeup looks that anyone can create within 5-10 minutes. And, you know what? You will need just 4 products for each of these looks! So, read on!

Look 1

This is a basic makeup look that will be great for every attire and occasion. You will need a foundation, a compact powder, a kajal or kohl and a lipstick of your preference. If you are an absolute beginner, this look is perfect to try your hands at makeup without being too flashy.

Foundation: Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. We are not using any contour or highlighting products, so coverage of your foundation is going to create the base for the look. Look for medium coverage. The formula can be light for oily skin while people with dry skin will love the dewy finish ones.

Tip: Begin your makeup with an ample amount of moisturiser and then apply foundation. Layer your foundation to build coverage.

Compact: One of the most essential makeup product for this look. It will mattify the excess moisturiser and prevent creasing. Compacts come with sheer coverage so you can buy the exact shade or as per your preference. As compact packaging is mostly travel-friendly, you can carry them in your purse for touch-ups later.

Once you have perfected the foundation, take some powder from the compact pan with a damp sponge and apply in a dabbing motion. Damp sponge ensures that it does not appear cakey. Do not drag or the foundation will get erased.

Kajal: It is paramount in any Indian girl’s makeup collection. You can use it in various ways: on the waterline, as an eyeliner or as a smoky eye base. Get your hands on a smudge-proof kajal for a lasting finish.

Line your eye with kajal. If you have a little time, you can create a winged liner look or a smudged smoky look with it.

Lipstick: Lipstick is, of course, imperative if you want a polished makeup look. You can use this versatile product as your lip colour as well as a blush.

You can create a full-blown opaque lip with a lipstick, or you can use it as a tint to add a flush of colour to your lips. Just choose a colour that matches your dress or the theme of the look.

Look 2

If you have active pimples or a lot of acne scars and blemishes, then the first look might not be enough to cover them up. But this look here will be adequate to conceal and to achieve a naturally flushed finish for a fresh-looking face all day long. You will need a concealer, a setting powder, a mascara and a lip plus cheek tint for this look.

Concealer: This product is fundamental if you want to create a flawless face with the no-makeup finish. Pick a concealer that matches your skin tone. If your blemishes are 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone, then you may choose a concealer shade that is in-between the skin tone and the blemish. Choose a light-weight formula with medium to high coverage. Try to avoid bargain concealers as they often look cakey on the skin.

Concealers tend to crease so use a light hand to apply the product to the skin. Lay it on the high points of the face like undereye and cheekbone, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and cupid’s bow and blend as you go.

Setting Powder: They are loose powders that are available in your skin tone, banana tone or completely translucent tone. Powders provide long-lasting finish and help set the concealer thoroughly. You can also work with an illuminating powder for a natural glow.

Tip: Apply a minimum amount using a powder brush or sponge.

Mascara: This amazing product defines the lashes and lengthens them. It makes the eyes look wide awake and well-rested. Ergo, many makeup gurus swear by it. Mascaras are available in volumizing, lengthening and dramatic variants.

Apply 2-3 coats of mascara. Always let one coat dry before adding up another or you will be left with spidery lashes that no one finds beautiful.

Lip & Cheek Tint: Tints are watery liquids with pigments. They do not give an opaque finish like lipsticks. They only add a little flush of colour to the lips. For a no-makeup look, tints work like magic.

Tip: You can also make use of your lip tint as a lip stain as well as a blush. The finished look will be dreamy, K-beauty inspired naturally fresh look.

Look 3

This look will give a subtle funky finish to your persona without being too dramatic. Here we will feature only the eyes with coloured liner and the rest of the face will be as mute as possible. That makes it a perfect look for weekends and semiformal events.

BB Cream/ Tinted Moisturizer: At your workplace or on a simple beach vacation, those heavy foundations are of no use. You would need to switch to lightly tinted BB or CC creams or even a sheer tinted moisturizer. That will give a dewy yet lightweight finish to your skin.

Dot the BB cream or tinted moisturizer all over the face and neck and blend with fingers or a sponge.

Powder Foundation: BB creams only offer sheer coverage. You can avail a little more coverage if you replace your regular compact powder or setting powder with a powder foundation. They can be used wet or dry; a dry application gives sheer finish while wet application is for slightly increased coverage.

Thus, set your BB cream or tinted moisturizer with a powder foundation.

Coloured Liner: Coloured liners come in different shades like electric blue, green, brown etc. You can get sparkly shimmer finish, liquid liner or a completely matte gel pencil.

Create a dramatic wing with the liner. You can also opt for a coloured smoky eye using your finger or a Q-tip to smudge the colour on the upper and lower lids. Take gel liners for smoky eye looks because they stay fast once they set.

Lip Gloss: When your eyes talk your lips should stay mute. So, for such bold eye looks, use nude lip glosses like a flesh-toned mauve nude or a brown nude gloss. Avoid the shimmer finish ones and prefer the regular shiny finish ones.

Apply the lip gloss and blend with your fingers to get a subtle glossy finish.

Give any of these looks a go and see magic created in under 10 minutes.

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