Makeup Mistakes To Avoid For Weddings

Every girl has fantasised about her big day, and yours is finally here! But the day, that you will cherish forever, might demand more of you than you expected. You might be running helter-skelter looking for tips and suggestions from people you trust have your best interest at heart. And we are one of those; trust us when we say we want the best for you too. Ergo, we bring you some fantastic advice from the acclaimed Bollywood and bridal makeup artist, Ojas Rajani. Heed these makeup mistakes you can avoid so that your wedding-day memories captured in those photographs will be truly timeless.

The look

It’s natural that you have big ideas about the look you plan to carry off as a bride. You can play around with a few of them on a normal day, but according to Ojas, “the bride-to-be should keep her makeup fresh, dewy, minimal yet trendy.” Its easy to get swayed by trends at this particularly vulnerable time but as Ojas firmly suggests, “don’t blindly follow trends; what might look good on your friend might not look right on you.” Fads and trends can be bewitching but stay with what feels and looks comfortable to you.


Needless to remind you that your makeup is only as good as the base underneath. Ojas emphasises that, “when we use a good primer the makeup will stay on well and will look well blended. Without a primer when you put foundation directly on dry skin, the foundation feels patching and dry. But if the skin is well nourished, well moisturised and well hydrated then the foundation blends beautifully.” Furthermore, our expert advises, “always invest in good skincare products and a good primer brand so that your makeup glides on so beautifully that it looks like second skin. Makeup should look like second skin. It should look dewy; it should look WOW.”


The most merciless product when it comes to makeup is without a doubt, the foundation; but at the same time, it is an integral part of any makeup story. Get it right and you are the most gorgeous woman any man has laid eyes upon; get it wrong and you “look like a drag queen,” jests Ojas. “We all want to look fair and bright. So, go as light as you want but blend it in such a way that you can’t make out where the makeup starts and where it ends. Make sure everything is very well blended whether it’s your eyes or your blush,” advises the expert.


Now, a blush is just like the name suggests, a colour that appears on your cheeks naturally when you have some naughty thoughts! Its light, its fun, its spontaneous. But as Ojas warns, “In the name of blush, you can’t just empty out the whole blush palate onto your face.” A heavy hand with the blush could look…how do we say this nicely…scary?


It’s a fantastic product that has the unique ability to enhance our good features while muting the imperfections. Wonderful, right? Only if used with caution; it’s so easy to go overboard with a highlighter. As Ojas puts it, “Everything is good in good measure. Some brides put on so much highlighter forgetting that the photographer takes photos with a flash camera. In such cases, the whole face looks burnt out or looks patchy due to the flash and the resulting photographs are not what you are looking forward to keeping for life.” So, don’t go over the top with this otherwise friendly product.


A well-done eye makeup can steal the show. But there are a couple of things to bear in mind according to our esteemed artist. Ojas warns us against smoky black eye look for the bride-to-be. “Sometimes if the lighting is not good, then from far it might look like she’s got a black eye.” Smoky eye makeup can cast a shadow under the eyes in photographs. So, it’s best to steer clear of this look on your big day, but if you are partial to smoky eyes then Ojas suggests, “do smoky but always use soft smoky colours like browns rather than black as brown is much softer.”

The other popular trend is eyelashes. As per Ojas, “do not experiment too much with your eyelashes. Many brides go overboard with those big eyelashes, and you end up looking like an indian TV serial vamp. So, I believe, a person has to be very careful about wearing the right eye lashes.” We say don’t let it be overkill.


Ojas warns us, “I think the most common mistake brides make is to match their lip colour or their eye colour to their outfit – which is a total disaster!” So, take the expert’s advice and look for other colour options for your lips. “Another frequent mistake is that some brides try to outline the lips too much above the lip line without realising that not everybody can carry it off.” So be mindful of these pitfalls and your lips will be nothing less than ravishing.

The Photoshoot

Finally, your makeup is impeccable, and you are ready for those lenses to capture the memorable day for ever. But is that the story always? Most brides and photographers are more than eager to start off with the shoot before the makeup is complete. Ojas cautions, “I tell the brides that you can take the photographs later but first let the makeup artist do her magic on you. If the makeup is fantastic, any ordinary photographer or anybody can do great pictures. But if the makeup is lacking, you could get the best photographer, but your photoshoot is not going to be great. So be realistic.” Makes sense, right?

The Bare Truth

Ojas, very fondly concludes, “I always tell the bride, the best makeup is wearing the right smile. And yes, sleep well, eat well and exercise because if you are detoxed, whatever you put on your face, you will look beautiful! I think being confident and with a smile, will take you miles.”


Some tips from the makeup Guru, “always try and figure out beforehand, the overall look that you are aiming to get, in the sense, your eye makeup, your lips and so on. Don’t experiment on the big day.

While doing the makeup, click some photographs and check in the pictures if both the eyebrows are equal or not, if lip lines are ok, if they don’t look too much, if the blush is not too much and so forth”

So again, bear these minimal things in mind because they really make or break the day. And don’t forget to arm your beauty with that dazzling smile of yours and floor the groom!

Article by – Payal Kurian

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