Let Spring Be in Your Bath

The hot and humid summer season is just around the corner when our body gets covered in sweat, dirt and grime, every time we step out of the house. After a whole day of walking around in sweat and grime, it is exhausting to come home and think of anything else other than a bath. However, your bath can be as wholesome, relaxing and luxuriant as it can be refreshing. All you need is a good loofah and an amazingly fragrant body wash.

A good body wash is essential for a good bath. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against a bar soap. But there is something to be said about the luxuriant, soft, foamy touch of a nourishing body wash smelling heavenly on a loofah, that makes you forget all about the grime and the heat of the summer. Body washes are called part of a luxury bath for a reason.

Now, there are various types of body washes available to suit the different kinds of skin: male and female and address different problems faced by them, including those for different weathers. For summers though, nothing works its charm like a body wash with some exotic fragrance and a soft texture. A heavenly-smelling body wash can bring the freshness of spring to your summer day.

A good fragrant body wash not only cleans and washes away the dirt of the day from your body, but it protects you from harmful germs and leaves your skin soft and supple, smelling heavenly along the way.

Let’s take a look at some top body washes that work in various ways for this summer season.

Love Beauty & Planet Bountiful Moisture Body Wash – Murumuru Butter & Rose Aroma

This amazing product by Love Beauty & Planet is the perfect body wash for dry skin spells during the summer season. Infused with rich Amazonian murumuru butter and Bulgarian rose oil, it is scientifically proven to lock in the skin’s natural moisture. The murumuru butter comes from the nuts of the murumuru palm tree of the Amazon forests. It is an extremely nourishing and enriching source of fat that helps polish the skin so deeply that its texture remains soft and supple throughout the day.

The rose oil is extracted from Bulgarian roses which are specifically known for their royal fragrance. The rich and warm floral rose fragrance is enhanced by notes of fresh red berries that leaves your skin smelling heavenly.

Petal Fresh Bath & Shower Gel – Rose & Honeysuckle, Pure

This breezy shower gel by Petal Fresh comes infused with two top-grade moisturising ingredients that are known for their ability to make skin irresistibly soft and silky to touch. The organic mix of rose and honeysuckle is the best bet for purifying and toning your skin, leaving it smelling beautiful. It also contains rosemary extracts, marshmallow root extracts and chamomile extracts which help in keeping the skin free of bacteria and germs.

The honeysuckle and rose extracts have been mixed in this shower gel in such a manner that it works up a fragrant and rich lather and leaves your skin smelling gorgeous for hours.

Fiama Scents Juniper & Geranium Body Wash

Fiama Scents is the perfect example of what you get when you mix science with the art of fragrance-making. This phenomenal body wash has extracts of juniper berries and geranium flowers. When you take a fun foamy bath with this body wash, it releases skin-friendly beads onto your skin through its 8-hour touch-activated fragrance encapsulation technology. These beads stay on your skin for 8 hours and get activated to release the fragrance every time you touch your skin. The result is a fresh, fragrant you after a full active workday.

The juniper berry extracts work the whole day to keep your skin moisturised and soft while geranium flower extracts leave your body smelling like a beautiful lush garden.

Nivea Shower Gel – Water Lily & Oil Body Wash, Women

Nivea is a brand known for its moisturising care products. So, when they come up with a shower gel, rest assured that it will be great for your skin. Bringing the eternal combination of water lily and oil, Nivea is on the path to assure that you get a perfect bath. Known for its mesmerising scent, the water lily extracts are infused with oil in such a manner that it works up a fragrant, rich lather.

The oil pearls ensure that your skin is moisturised in the best way possible, while leaving it with the feminine fresh scent of the water lily. It is a great way to pamper your body and mind after a full active day.

D’VENCE Himalayan Pink Salt Body Wash With Water Lily

D’VENCE Himalayan Pink Salt Body Wash comes with the mineral goodness and therapeutic properties of various ingredients, chief among them the Himalayan pink salt. Known for its antibacterial and conditioning properties, the Himalayan pink salt extracts work their magic to protect your skin against harmful bacteria and germs, all the while maintaining its natural essential skin oils, keeping it’s soft and hydrated.

White water lily is an ancient remedy for cell regeneration. The extracts of white water lily in this body wash helps soothe irritated skin while working to detoxify it and help keep the skin pure and clear. The brilliant combination of Himalayan pink salt and white water lily makes this body wash uniquely qualified to fight body acne.

Love Beauty & Planet Radical Refresher Body Wash – Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Aroma

Fragrances are known to jolt memories. If you have ever been to a beach, relaxing with tender coconut water and mimosas, this particular body wash will take you right back to those great memories. Love Beauty & Planet brings this exceptional body wash that mixes two sunny ingredients – coconut water and mimosa flowers.

Known for its ability to replenish and rejuvenate skin, coconut water is making a splash in skincare these days. Coconut water reaches deep into your skin to provide it with the much-needed hydration. The exotic scent of the Moroccan mimosa flower is so powerful that only after washing off you notice the undertones of honey and raspberry extracts in the heady mix.

Just Herbs Kumuda – Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash

For those looking at a bit more organic and Ayurvedic solutions for their bath, the Just Herbs Kumuda body wash is the perfect choice. Enriched with the extracts of kumuda or the sacred Indian lotus, it is a fantastic way to end a chaotic day. Kumuda is known for its soothing and calming properties in ancient Ayurveda books.

The flower is also known to rejuvenate skin by helping with the blood flow and replenishing lost moisture content of the skin with its nourishing and moisturising properties. This body wash is extremely mild, sulphate and paraben-free making it the ultimate choice for those with sensitive skin. To make your bathing experience a divine ritual, this body wash also has the harmony of rose, myrrh and sandalwood. The combination works like a charm on your body and mind.

Aroma Magic Bodywash – 3-In-1, Jasmine Blossom

When it comes to classic fragrances, none has the fan following that jasmine has. Aroma Magic blends the uniquely classic scent of jasmine flower with extracts of geranium and sandalwood to make a simple yet powerful body wash. Completely free of parabens, harsh chemicals and alcohol, this body wash solely relies on the original scent and properties of jasmine flower, making it 100% natural.

It’s a body wash that cleanses body, face and hair with jasmine extracts working to keep the skin smooth and young. The unique combination of jasmine, geranium and sandalwood does the best job of keeping your skin fully hydrated and soft. Sandalwood also works to enhance your complexion, while protecting your skin against pollution and germs.

Aloe Veda Lavender Luxury Shower Gel

Bringing in the ultimate la perfume of France, Aloe Veda Lavender Luxury Shower Gel is as French as it can get. Blending the ultimate bewitching scent of French lavender with rosemary extracts, this shower gel is enticingly floral and fragrant. Completely soap-free and filled with Vitamin E, the shower gel leaves your skin fully moisturised and hydrated.

Unlike most shower gels, your skin does not go dry or flaky after a bath with this winsome product. It contains aloe vera and glycerine to heal, soothe and protect your skin by retaining the water content in your skin even after your bath. Apart from its magical scent, lavender is known for keeping the skin young and elastic by working on its collagen content.

BodyHerbals Romance, Rose Shower Gel With Skin Conditioners

With the luxurious aromatic blend of rose-based essential oils, Body Herbals Romance Rose shower gel is your best bet after a sweaty summer day. The Body Herbals Romance rose shower gel can be your escape to the fragrance heaven for a pampering experience.

Blending rose extracts with fruit and essential oil extracts, this organic shower gel is best suited for dry skin. The essential oil and fruit extracts work to hydrate the skin at a deeper level, leaving luxuriantly soft and supple skin to the fore. The rose extracts make sure that you smell like a bouquet of English roses the whole day and remain as fresh as just out of the shower.

What best way to beat the heat of this summer than with these aromatic body washes? Go ahead and indulge your senses.

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