Intriguing ways to blend lipsticks

Applying the same old lipsticks day after day steals away the fun of doing makeup. It’s not very practical or feasible to buy new makeup frequently because let’s face the truth, makeup is costly. What to do then? Well, we can experiment a little and come up with our custom shade of lipstick. If you follow the works of celebrity makeup artists and TV makeup divas closely then you will clearly see how they create their own signature lip shades with just a few colours. If you know just a little about the colour wheel and basic colours, then you can easily come up with any number of new lip shades with what you have in your stash. You can also create ombre to make your thin lips look fuller and pouty by mixing two or more colours. Stay put for some basic ideas on lip colour blending styles.

Mix Lip Shades to Get the Desired One

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This is the simplest technique to create new lip colours from two or more lip shades. Most of us have at least 3-4 unflattering lipsticks in our stash that we never use. Some of them make us uncomfortable while the others are the results of ‘binge-shopping gone wrong’! Instead of throwing out these lip shades, try mixing them. You might get your favourite lip shade out of them. Here you need some prior knowledge on the colour wheel, cool tone shades and warm tone shades as that will help you choose the right shades to mix. For example, if you despise bright oranges but love terracotta browns, mix a cool toned brown with the bright coral, it will turn a beautiful rusty shade.

Turn Mattes to Creamy and Creamy to Matte

Source Credit: Phyllis Levine

Some lip shades look quite gorgeous on matte finish while the others look more flattering when they have creamy or shiny formula. Most people prefer neon shades in matte and nude shades in either creamy matte or demi matte. If you have a wonderful lip colour but its formula does not excite you, then you have the option to turn it into your desired finish. Some matte liquid lipsticks are so drying that they make our lip look flaky and aged. In this case, apply a thick layer of untinted lip balm underneath and apply a clear gloss on top and the formula will turn moist. You can also mix a drop of your regular moisturizer to the lip colour before applying. It will give a moist matte kind of finish. To make a shiny finish lipstick matte, blot it off with a single ply tissue. The colour will remain, but the excess moisture will go off.

Make Your Lips Look Fuller with Horizontal Blending

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If you have bought a lipstick that is too light or too dark for your natural lip colour, no need to chuck it out. You can put it to good use while creating a K-beauty inspired horizontal gradient lip contour.  Horizontal Blending is a special type of ombre lip look. For this you will need two lip colours: one light and one dark. Their tones should be same though. If you have thin lips and you want to fake a lip-job, apply the lighter colour in the centre of upper and lower lips. The darker colour will go to the outer periphery. Now blend with either fingertips or a sponge tip until the shades create a seamless gradient. If you want a more natural lip look like K-drama heroines, then put the darker shade inside and lighter shade will go on the outer periphery of the lips.

Create Puckered-Up Lips with Vertical Blending

Source Credit: Sarah Redzikowski

When you are opting for a photo-ready look, a single colour all over the lips makes your lips look flat. If the lipstick is of matte finish, the flatness becomes more prominent. Vertical ombre look is what you should opt for bringing the pouty lively look back to your makeup. The trick is very simple. You apply the main lip colour as before. But then take a metallic lip colour in the same tone or a liquid highlighter or strobe cream. Apply it only in the middle part of the lips vertically. Blend only the edges of the highlight shade to the rest of the lip colour. Don’t use chunky glitter or it may give you a made-up look. Use quick-set highlighter or liquid metallic lipsticks for this look to get the best finish.

Flaunt Funky or Corporate Dual Tone Lips with Diagonal Blending

Source Credit: @jessicamayhmua

If you want to brave it, you can flaunt a stunning statement lip look with two extremely bold different tone lip colours. Two toned lip technique uses two separate colours for each of your lips. For warm undertone Indian skin, a combo of bright coral on the upper lip and bright magenta or fuchsia on the lower lip looks awesome. You can even create no-makeup two-tone lips with dark-light shade pair from the same tonal range. If you love peach nudes of daily wear or office looks, use a MLBB peach on the lower lip and a slightly darker peach on the upper lip. Our upper lips are generally darker while the lower lips are less pigmented. You can also reverse the lip look by applying the darker shade on the lower lip and lighter shade on the upper lip.

Go on and flaunt those lips!

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