Makeup Tips to Highlight Various Body Parts

Makeup is all about highlighting your best features and hiding minor flaws like a spot of pigmentation or a scar of old acne. Our face is the first feature that everyone watching us focuses on. That is why facial makeup gets the highest attention while the rest of our exposed skin stays flat and dull. You too can create a Victoria’s Secret model’s style sultry glam all-over body look if you master the art of body highlighting. Body highlighting not only creates a glowing skin look, but you can also fake a flat tummy, sleek legs, even a perfectly shaped shoulder look with this amazing technique. Here we are sharing some of our all-time favourite body highlighting tips and tricks that fit well with any festive outfits of your wardrobe. Next time you reach for your favourite lehenga, saree or gown, be prepared for compliments, guys!

Instant Slim-Out for Flabby Neck & Collarbone

Do you know that a long slim neck gives an illusion of increased height? Not only height, toned up neck skin makes us look more youthful. Reducing stubborn double chin and chubby neck takes months of a healthy diet and hard exercise. While we are at it, we need to learn a perfect fake-up sleek neck that takes the carefully done face highlighting to the next level.

First contour across the jawline. It will make the double chin less visible. Now run your highlighter along the collarbone. Apply powder highlighter on top of liquid highlighter for long lasting natural finish.

Cellulite Free Shoulders and Hands for the Festive Night

Arms are the weak point of many when it comes to toned body. When we get flabby, it is our arms that collects the most cellulite and start losing their normal muscular shape. If you want to wear a sleeveless gown or halter-neck blouse, the bulky portion of your arms gets high visibility. A perfect highlight job shifts the focus from your bulging hands and gives an illusion of sleek arms.

Take a fluffy powder brush and your favourite powder highlighter matching your skin’s undertone. Gently highlight the top line of the shoulder and the shoulder-arm joint. Keep highlighting the outer line of the arm ending at the wrist bone.

Hide Away Back Fat

We are going through a bountiful back work and pattern work era when it comes to tops and blouses in both, Indian wear and fusion wear categories. The cutwork designs and net embroidery backs expose your back in the most stylish way. You can only flaunt them like supermodels if you possess a perfectly toned body. When you do not have that, the tricks of highlighting work in your favour.

Hand your fluffy blush brush to your mummy, hubby or best friend and tell them to run it through the wing bone of the back. Your back will look far more structured than it actually is!

Disguise Your Bloated Belly

When you have festivity-special eating marathon and general weight management issues, the bloated belly is a common thing. Wearing a saree or lehenga might not make you feel as confident. Cleverly done highlight-contour works like magic in this case. This famous trick is what makes most supermodels and insta-gurus look sleek in the middle in times of need!

Create an illusion of flatness by marking fake abs with a cream contour. Blend it nicely. Highlight the waist bone and sides of belly button with a highlighter of your choice and you will be free to wear your favourite lehenga instantly!

Realise your Sleek & Long Leg Dreams

Sleek and long legs are a dream of many. But thanks to our couch-potato lifestyle and stress-led binge eats, most of us are blessed with heavy thighs and out of shape legs. Short dresses feel awkward in such instances? Should we put away the little black dress? No guys! Your legs just need a special treat of highlighting!

Take out your fluff-ball powder brush and take some of your go-to highlighters on it. Start highlighting along the shin bone just as you highlight the bridge of your nose. You may also mix a drop of your strobe cream for this.

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