Safe methods to remove facial hair at home

Everyone has facial hair, including women, but in some, it isn’t much prominent, while some have to struggle to find ways to remove them. We’ve all probably looked closely in the mirrors to check about the annoying facial hair that keeps growing frequently. Well, if your facial hair is disturbing you and you’re trying to figure out ways to get rid of them, here are a few safe methods that you can try at the comfort of your home.


Tweezing is one of the easiest and effective ways to remove facial hair. You can use a tweezer and pluck out the unwanted hair from your eyebrows, or chin, or moustache and get smooth skin. Tweezing uproots the hair follicle entirely, so you get smoother and cleaner skin. You can check out this Baol Stainless Steel Tweezers – Pink for tweezing that unwanted hair.

Shaving/ Trimming

Shaving or trimming is yet again an easy and faster way to get rid of the facial hair. You can shave your facial hair and the extra hair on your eyebrows with the help of a facial razor. Make sure you do not use the razor that you use for shaving your body. If you don’t wish to shave your face, you can use a trimmer and trim off the extra hair from your eyebrows, chin, or sideburns. Check out this Wahl Clean & Confident Cordless Trimmer For Women which helps to get rid of the extra hair from your eyebrows, chin, forehead, moustache, and peach fuzz.


Epilation is much similar to tweezing, the only difference being that you pluck out individual hair with the tweezers while using an epilator plucks out more number of hair at once. Using an epilator for your face would ensure that the hair gets completed removed, i.e., gets uprooted with the follicles. If you don’t wish to shave or use the hot wax, you can try using an epilator, and it would give you a clean and smooth face. You can try using this Braun Epilator SE9-9961 Legs-Body-Face which would help you in getting rid of the facial hair easily.


Threading is a facial hair removal method that has been used since ancient times. You can precisely shape your eyebrows and remove all the unwanted hair from the desired places on your face. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is much cost-effective than the other methods. The results from threading last for up to several weeks and is quite an easy method.

Note: It is good to practice on your leg hair or on someone’s hand before trying it on your face. It can be quite tricky if you do not have a good grip. If you are unsure, you can skip shaping your eyebrows but definitely use it to remove other facial hair.


While waxing can be a preferred method for you to remove the body hair, you can even use it to remove facial hair at home. It would ensure that the hair is not only removed from your face entirely but also help with the ingrown hair and delays the growth up to an extent. However, if you have sensitive skin, this method isn’t suggested. Also, pulling and tugging your skin with the hot wax can interfere with the elasticity of your skin and make your skin sag in the longer run. But if you are someone who wishes to wax their face, you can try using this Rica Green Apple Wax at your home. All you need to do is heat up the wax in the heater and start working in smaller sections on your face.


Sugaring is yet another method like waxing in which the results last for up to several weeks. Sugaring can be done in 2 different forms: gel and paste. Both of these use ingredients like water, sugar, and lemon juice. Many people prefer sugaring since it is much gentler on the facial skin, and the method has been into practice since ancient times.

These hair removal methods are all safe to remove that unwanted hair and can be done easily in the comfort of your home. You can choose whatever way suits you and go ahead with it. Smoother, softer, and clearer skin isn’t that difficult to achieve at home after all!

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