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Your Guide to Pet Essentials 

We have come across many testimonials about how a pet in the house has saved people from worry and anxiety in uncertain times. As a pet owner myself, I know how difficult the current situation is for pet owners. Outdoor exercises, walks and playtime has become difficult for pets. Even if you try to take them out, playtime has reduced drastically with parks, running tracks and beaches being shut.  

So, if you are a dog or cat owner, it would be best to give them plenty of exercise and playtime inside the house. It is also essential to provide them with nutritious food to maintain their general health, immunity and keep them safe in the current scenario. Similarly, pet grooming is also an important routine that you must keep up, especially if the grooming salons for pets are not open anymore. Here, we are going to list some grooming products, along with some toys and food options for both cats and dogs, which can guide you to take care of your pets, irrespective of their age.  


Dogs need a lot of exercise and affection, along with companionship and care. While I would suggest you not to go overboard with treats and toys, it is good to buy them some new toys and treats to make them comfortable about staying inside. Also, dogs should get some good exercise, especially if they are not getting to run around as much.  


Puppies are generally hyperactive and naughty. Unless they are teething, this is a good time to buy different types of toys for them. It is also the best time to teach them tricks. Treats are a good way to make them learn how to go pee in the bathroom, sleep on their part of the rug and drink their water without spilling. If your puppy is teething, it is best to buy some chew toys or chew treats for them, to save your furniture and shoes.  A chew toy like the rope dumbbell is best for puppies to not only chew out their teething phase but also to play and get some exercise. You can teach them tricks and some learned behaviour by rewarding them with treats when they successfully follow through.  

Adult dogs  

Most adult dogs are interested in eating or running around. They are in a phase where they have lost their hyperactive behaviour but still have too much energy to just lounge around. It is crucial that you give good nutritious food during this age. If you give them too many treats or fatty foods to compensate for not going out to play, they will accumulate fat in their bodies, which can bring in many diseases. A wholesome meal like chicken, liver, eggs with rice can provide them with all the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals. 

As pet salons have shut shop due to the pandemic, it is also important to regularly groom your dog. Studies have proved that personally grooming your dog can help strengthen your bond with it. What better way to spend an afternoon than grooming your canine bestie? 

Senior dogs 

Senior dogs mostly love just to lounge around. They are too tired to run around like adults or pups. However, it is important to remember that they also need exercise and playtime. While they may not come to you for it, you should make sure that they get at least minimal exercise by playing with them or making them run around for a while.  

Bringing them some new toys can be a great way to lure them into playtime and thereby exercise.  

Another important aspect to keep in mind for senior dogs is grooming and cleanliness. As dogs age, they are prone to infections and serious illnesses. It is of utmost importance that senior dogs are well-groomed, head to toe, to avoid infections and diseases. Giving them a good bath regularly, keeping them dry, cleaning their ears, paws and tails and keeping track of their general health needs to be an important task.  



Unless you have adopted a stray cat, which is used to going in and out of the house, pet cats are mostly indoor creatures. They love to find the best-secluded corner in your home and simply sleep or chill all day, emerging only to eat, drink or go to the loo. However, cats are quite prone to illnesses, mental, physical and behavioural distress when they find too much change happening around them. So, if your cat suddenly finds you at home all the time, it may exhibit some distressed behaviour. If you used to take your cat for a stroll, the loss of that outdoor activity could also lead to some confusion. 


Kittens mostly are happy playing and lounging on their own. You just need to make sure that they get nutritious food and plenty of toys to play with. You also need to make sure that your kittens are up to date on their vaccines and medications. As kittens are prone to a lot of stomach problems, you cannot feed them adult cat food.  

Giving them wholesome food with chicken and fish is good for their overall growth and development. There are various brands which specifically target kittens of certain age and breed so that it receives the correct nutrition it needs.  

This is also the best time to train your kittens to take their business to trays or washrooms. As kittens are in a phase where they will pee or poop just about anywhere they see fit, it is essential to get your tools right to train them. Buying a litter tray will help them understand it better.  

Adult cats 

Adult cats mostly lounge all day. They are moody by nature and love attention. However, if you are spending days and weeks together inside your house with your adult cat, now is the best time to groom them to perfection. As adult cats love to be brushed, groomed and cleaned, you should invest in some proper grooming equipment for your cat.  

They also need nutritious food as they are growing and need energy and proper development to keep up. Also, adult cats quickly get bored with one kind of food. So, you will need to mix it up with various ingredients, dry and gravy, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, to keep up your cat’s health and choices.   

Another thing adult cats can do is play. However, they do not generally go for it unless there is a toy involved to lure them. You can even try and teach them some tricks. Be sure to reward them with treats once they learn the tricks and perform them successfully. 

Senior cats 

Senior cats are the most difficult to handle because they need extra attention. They are too tired and old to exercise or play, so you will have to make extra effort to entice them. New toys and treats are an excellent way to go about it. They need minor exercise every day to keep their bones strong.  

They are quite prone to infections and illnesses, so you need to keep up with their grooming and vaccine protocols. Skipping these or not paying attention to them can lead to severe health problems in senior cats.  

Senior cats also sometimes do not like the food that you may give. It is a good idea to have a variety of food on a rotational basis so that the cat does not get bored. It will also make sure that your senior cat gets all the nutrition it needs.  

Our pets play an important role in keeping us sane and happy. For some people, having a pet and taking care of it, is what keeps them going from one day to the next. As pets shower us with their unconditional love and affection, it is up to us to provide them with good health, comfort and love. 

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