Playing with Shades of Gold – How best to do it? 

Indians, as we all know, are brown and when it comes to undertones almost the majority of us fall under yellow undertone.  Brown skin tones are the ideal canvas for all looks we call bold. The obsession we have with gold explains the beautiful amalgamation of brown skin and gold that glistens and shines harder on it.  

So here makeup artist Vydurya Lokesh is breaking down where and how you can use gold apart from your jewellery. 

Eye corners

A touch of a nice warm gold instantly makes the eye refreshed and awake. This is a makeup trick for people who have set apart eyes which means when ideally the distance between your one eye to another should be the size on an eye but in this case, they are spaced out slightly. What gold does is it reflects light and makes it a high point, one such area you sure wouldn’t miss noticing and there you get a brownie point. Anyone who notices wouldn’t stop raving how amazing your eye looks. Try it the next time you’re dressing up for a date with a sparkle in the eye. 


Statement eyes have made noise on all fashion runways across the globe and now Indians have found their very own way of owning these statement bold liner looks, but with a twist of their own. A metallic gold eyeliner is a head-turner. It never fails to complement the eye colour which is mostly black and brown for most Indians. It adds a touch of pop and glam to any Indian outfit or a western outfit.  If you don’t have a gold liner handy, just dig into your gold eyeshadow pan, take out some shavings and mix them with a makeup fixer and just create your own stunning masterpiece runway look. 

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Cheekbones/shoulder bones/brow bones

The trend of gold makeup has caught up way too fast because it is just making sure your skin looks natural to the T while taking away attention from the pigmented areas. Use a nice gold/rose gold-toned highlighter on warm dusky tones to naturally lift and enhance your skin and give it that 24k magic on the face. For a lighter skin tone, feel free to experiment with cool gold tones, mostly yellowish in tone and a mix of Champaign with gold.

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Did u know there are gold-infused lipsticks available in the market? Oh wait, did you know there were metallic gold lipsticks and lip-glosses too?  With a trend of glitz and glam making its rounds,  gold seems to have seeped into every one of our favourite makeup products (oh we aren’t complaining!)   Gold metallic lipsticks and lip glosses which are basically toppers for that extra shine and pout are our celebs’ hot favourites these days and the consumers aren’t leaving any stone unturned to experiment and innovate new ways of using all the products. 

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Gold glitter 

Apart from all the gold eyeshadows and eyeliners, every makeup lover’s heart stops at a beautifully textured gold eye glitter. These gold shavings can be placed on the centre of the lid over any eyeshadow and will immediately bring out the spark and create a 3d effect on the eyelids. 

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What are you waiting for? Get your gold glam on with these tips!

Here is a Sultry golden smokey eyes look for you to try

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