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Delicious vegan recipes to try 

Veganism has come out of vegetarianism. Vegan form of the diet, like a vegetarian diet, includes plant-based foods. Vegans believe in abstaining from the intake of any kind of animals or animal-based foods. They also exclude any form of dairy in their diet. Vegans sustain on pulses, tofu, fruits and vegetables. The diet uses extracts of nuts as a substitute for any dairy product. 

Though vegetarianism was always widely prevalent in India, veganism has also caught on in a big way now. People are open to trying out something new that is also vegan friendly. This environment-friendly dietary habit can be seen in special sections in mega superstores or menu cards of well-known restaurants. While we try to add a few recipes, we are sure that culinary experts would find the sky as the limit.   

Desi Style Guacamole With Toast

Cook time: 20 mins  

Serve: 4 per 

Type: Snack/Starter 


Avocadoes: 2 (ripe) 

Lemon juice: 2 tbsp 

Olive oil: 1-2 tbsp 

Green chilli: 1-2 (finely chopped) 

Garlic: 3 cloves (chopped and crushed well) 

Onion: 1 (finely chopped) 

Green bell pepper: ½ (finely chopped) 

Red bell pepper: ½ (finely chopped) 

Yellow bell pepper: ½ (Finely chopped) 

Jeera powder: 1 tsp (roasted) 

Pav bhaji masala: ½ tsp 

Coriander leaves: a bunch (chopped) 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Wholegrain bread: 1 loaf  


  1. Cut the avocadoes and remove the stones. You can now easily scoop out the flesh. Mash the flesh with the back of a spoon or ladle.  
  2. Add lemon juice to the mashed “golden-green” goodness. Add olive oil too and mix well. 
  3. With light hands fold in finely chopped onion, bell peppers, garlic and green chilli.  
  4. Season the guacamole well with pav bhaji masala, roasted jeera powder, salt and pepper.   
  5. Toast the multi-grain bread and spread this yummy guacamole onto a warm toast. It is a perfect alternative to your green chutney. 

 (Tip: You can adjust the amount of lemon juice to your taste. A dash of tikka masala also works well.) 

Nutri Loaf 

Cook time: 30 mins + overnight setting time 

Serve: 4 per 

Type: Main Course 


Oil: 6 tbsp 

Onion: 3 medium (finely chopped) 

Celery: 250g (finely chopped) 

Mint leaves: 3tbsp (finely chopped) 

Soya nutri chunks: 200g  

Garam masala: ½ tsp 

Tomato sauce: ¼ cup 

Worcestershire sauce: 3 tbsp 

Red capsico/peprico sauce: 1 tsp 

Thyme: 1 tsp 

Potato: boiled and mashed to make 1 cup 

Refined flour: 1 tbsp 

Sugar: a pinch 

Salt and pepper: to taste 


  1. Soak the soya chunks in warm water and grind or mince them finely. 
  2. Heat oil in a pan and sauté onion, celery and mint for 2 mins.  
  3. Add in the ground soya chunks. Sauté well on a slow flame for 5 mins. 
  4. Season the soya mixture with garam masala, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper sauce and thyme.  
  5. Once everything comes together, add in the boiled and mashed potato, refined flour and sugar. 
  6. Mix well and check for seasoning.  
  7. Put the mixture in a bread or loaf tin. Tap it well and smoothen it with a spatula. Cover it with a cling film and let it set overnight in the fridge.  
  8. Bake it at 180 degrees for 10-15 mins. 
  9. Slice the Nutri loaf when it has cooled and serve. 

Honeymoon Solace

Cook time: 5 mins 

Serve: 4 per 

Type: Beverage


Pineapple juice: 250 ml 

Flesh of tender coconut: ½ cup 

Tender coconut water: ½ cup 

Coconut milk yoghurt: 90g 

Sugar syrup: 4 tbsp 


  1. Take a blender jar and blend in the pineapple juice and the flesh of a tender coconut. 
  2. Blend till the coconut flesh is well ground and well incorporated. 
  3. Add in the rest of the ingredients. If you feel the drink is too thick, you can add in some water. 
  4. Serve in a tall glass with loads of ice. 

Spicy Bean Macaroni 

Cook time: 50 mins  

Serve: 4 per 

Type: Main course 


White beans (Navy beans): 250g (soaked) 

Oil: 1 tbsp 

Spring onions: 2 (finely chopped with the greens) 

Garlic: 5 cloves (finely chopped) 

Green chillies: 2 (finely chopped) 

Tomatoes: 2 large (finely chopped) 

Tomato puree: 5-6 tbsp 

Soya sauce: 2 tbsp 

Vinegar: 1 tbsp 

Garam masala: ½ tsp 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Macaroni: 250g (boiled) 


  1. In a pressure cooker, boil the soaked white beans for 4-5 whistles or till the beans are well cooked. Cool and check if done. Strain and reserve the liquid for later use. 
  2. Take a pan and heat oil. Add chopped onions and garlic. Sauté for a couple of minutes. 
  3. Once the onions change colour, add the green chillies, tomatoes and tomato puree. Sauté till tomatoes are mushy.  
  4. Transfer the cooked beans into the pan and add the sauces.  
  5. Season with garam masala, salt and pepper.  
  6. Now add in the boiled pasta and toss well. If you think it is too dry add in the reserved liquid strained from the beans. 
  7. Serve hot with toast. 

7-Cup Date, Fig And Nut Log

Cook time: 15 mins + overnight setting time  

Serve: 4 per 

Type: Sweet 


Dates: 1 cup (soaked)  

Dried figs: 1 cup (soaked) 

Plain Oats: 1 cup 

Desiccated coconut: 1 ½ cups 

Semolina: ¾ cup 

Mixed nuts: 1 cup (chopped finely) 

Sugar: ½ cup 

Coconut oil: ¼ cup 


  1. Deseed and chop the dates finely. Finely chop the soaked figs as well. 
  2. Take a pan and warm coconut oil. Sauté oats and semolina on a low flame.  
  3. When they change colour, add in desiccated coconut, nuts and sugar.  
  4. Work on a low flame and patiently stir to bring all together.  
  5. Add in the dates and figs and continue till they form a single mass. 
  6. Remove from heat and let it cool a bit.  
  7. Shape the dark brown gooey goodness into a roll. Wrap it tightly in a cling film or an aluminium foil and let it set overnight in the fridge. 
  8. Cut the roll into slices to serve.  

There has always been a myth surrounding veganism that it is not a completely nourishing dietary way of life. But the fact is a well-thought of vegan food or diet chart has proved to be beneficial to all. Nature has so much to offer. Even if one omits meat, fish, eggs, and even dairy from their lives, there is so much more to enjoy, relish and live a healthy life. 

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