Jewel-toned eye makeup look

Bring in some jewel-toned colours and blend them to highlight your eyes this festive and wedding season. Here is a step by step tutorial by makeup artist Vydurya Lokesh on how you can achieve the look with ease.

Step 1: Groom your brows using a brow definer and apply concealer to the lid area from the brows.


Step 2: Pick a bright pink Matt eyeshadow and blend it into the crease line.


Step 3: Pick a shade of purple Matt eyeshadow and apply it towards the outer half of the creaseline.


Step 4: Complete the beautiful amalgamation of colours by adding a pop of teal blue glitter eyeshadow on the centre of the eyelid.


Step 5: Draw a liner and brush some mascara on to the lashes. Don’t forget to use some dark blue and purple eyeshadow to blend the black kajal on the lower waterline.

And a beautiful jewel-toned eye makeup is all set!


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