6 must-try shimmer makeup products  

A healthy glow never goes out of style”
With all our celebrities and favourite influencers glowing liquid glow like never before, shimmer and glitter-infused products are here to stay.

Shine is new in beauty trends, and the way to get it right is with the best shimmer highlighter makeup products in India. Highlighters are one of the most popular products right now, and these will make sure you get the most glam and on-point shimmer look.

Here is a list of our favourite products with a hint of shimmer that cannot go unnoticed.

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick Palette

This handy sleek palette is all you need to highlight the high points on the face. Ever wondered what it takes to have the perfect bronzed skin tone? Here’s your answer! With buttery smooth texture, it glides on your skin like magic and gives it a healthy sun-kissed boost. Make sure you spray some makeup fixer over the highlighter and watch your skin glisten under the sun!

Milan Baked Blush – Bellissimo Bronze

Baked blushes by Milani are a rage because of their extreme pay off and high-quality products at affordable prices. Baked blush is highly pigmented and usually sun-baked on terracotta tiles. The shade Bellissimo bronze is a warm brown colour with a touch of peach that’s perfect for brown-skinned women. It is also quite shimmery so, we suggest you go layer by layer and build on the look for it to seem natural and glowing.

Deborah Eyeshadow And Kajal Pencil

Indian women and eye makeup have a long history. From ancient times, women in India have been dressing their eyes more than their skin. This practice led to women experimenting to do their eyes using coloured pencils and not only a traditional Surma. Deborah Eyeshadow and Kajal Pencil works as a saviour and comes in a stunning emerald green tone that is quite a match made in heaven for warm skin tones. You can apply a generous layer of it and make it a shimmery smoky eye or use a hint of it on the lower waterline as a kajal to give that pop of colour.

Colorbar Diamond Shine Lipgloss – Pixie Pink

If you are a sucker for the JLO pout, you just can’t give this product amiss. With an illuminating effect, it has the power to look so buttery and juicy. The shimmering texture of the lip gloss adds to the lovely blush pink and goes absolutely stunning with a black smoky matte eye makeup.

You can also top it over your makeup for the glassy lustrous effect that’s great for a photo shoot or a sunny brunch party. It’s perfect for all skin tones.

ZUII ORGANIC Flora Diamond Sparkle Blush – Peach

We have seen baked blushes, we have seen cream blushes, we have seen matt blushes! Here comes a scintillating star product, a shimmer-infused blush which is in the form of loose powder. The beauty of this would be that it naturally creates a radiance without making it look like a blob of product. Anything that is in the form of a loose powder assures that it blends and disperses like a dream. Suitable for most Indian skin tones but it’s mostly suitable for extremely oily skin as the texture is super light.  

Bronze is ideal for warm skin tones and has a great infusion of gold shimmer particles while the peach is ideal for lighter skin tones as it has a champagne undertone to it that naturally lifts the radiance of the skin in natural light.

Wet And Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter

Use them at full pigment intensity in a single stroke or effortlessly blend them out for a dewy look. These single pan glitter eyeshadows are all set to be your new best friend.   

A bright yellow gold that is said to light up any skin tone and make sure the eyes don’t go unnoticed and pop. As a very versatile shade, this works well any way you want to use it - as a highlighter, eyeshadow or eyeliner! To make it an eyeliner just mix the eyeshadow with a makeup fixer and use an eyeliner brush to draw the strokes of stunning gold graphic eyeliner. 

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