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Mouthwatering recipes to try this thanksgiving

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to thank or be thanked? ‘Thank you’ holds all the love and appreciation in just two words, and Thanksgiving is all about it. Though there are many histories to this festival, the most spoken stories say that it is dedicated to the harvest the people receive. Celebrated during November, this festival brings together family and friends, a table laden with a variety of sweet and savoury dishes and most importantly sharing the joy and celebration together with your loved ones. 

Here, we have some delicious recipes you can try this Thanksgiving.

Cream of mushroom soup

A perfect soup to start dinner! This simple yet delicious button mushroom soup is sure to warm your taste buds. It is flavoured with fresh basil, garlic and a hint of oregano and black pepper to bring in some spice. The rich, creamy texture creates a layer of flavours on your tongue with every sip. Go on and get your hot pot ready!

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Sunlight pumpkin soup

Let’s go traditional with this creamy and delicious pumpkin soup. While this veggie has its own taste, it brings in amazing flavours when seasoned with the right ingredients. It is a  healthy and nutrient-rich soup to keep you up and running this winter. The soup is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, peppercorn, white pepper and fresh mint leaves. To bring in more creaminess, a cup of coconut milk is added to enhance the recipe.

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Krafted sweet potato (baked)

Try something different from the boring old boiled sweet potatoes. Why not stuff it and bake it? Here is an amazing recipe with a bang of flavours and it is super healthy too. What makes this recipe interesting is the stuffing which is packed with vegetables like capsicum, tomato, onion and lentils and seasoned with cumin powder, chilli powder, garlic, coriander powder, pepper and lemon. You can top it with some cheese too before heating and serving it.

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Oven-roasted stuffed chicken

A scrumptious recipe for the festival of Thanksgiving. Love to style and serve your delectable dinner to family and friends? This is the dish for you. Executive Chef, Vibhav Verma shares this recipe to add in some delicious moments to the festivities. The marinade is made with elements like smoked paprika, dried thyme, onion powder and black pepper, while the stuffing contains dry fruit mix. This zesty recipe is a must-try this winter.

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Thanksgiving roast chicken

For the main course, this chicken recipe is spot on if you are not going all-in on a turkey roast. The recipe is not too spicy but is packed with flavours. The brine is seasoned with coriander powder, bay leaves, fennel seeds and later on mixed with ingredients like buttermilk, garlic, thyme to make the marinade for the whole chicken. As the outer layer is prepped to make your mouth water, the stuffing will surely add on to the surprise when you dig in. This roast chicken recipe is simple to make and serve for any festivity.

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Strawberry biscuit pudding

A quick and easy recipe for you and your family to relish. This dessert is the twin of cheesecake and gives similar taste and texture. It is tangy on the top with loaded strawberries, creamy and soft in the middle and salty and crunchy in the end. Your kids are going to love every bite of it.

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Cranberry tart

Luscious cranberry tart made to indulge the sweet tooth in you. A punch of flavours and zing of cranberry sums up this recipe. It is a simple dessert which is perfect for impressing and pampering your family and friends. The dish’s main flavour comes from the zest of orange and lemon and the natural essence of cranberries. Thin golden crust, layered with fruity goodness and topped with whipped cream will be the perfect ending for your celebration feast.

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Bring out the chef in you this Thanksgiving and try these recipes. Safe and happy celebrations!

Article by Namratha

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