A Guide to Gifting the right fragrances

All of us love receiving gifts but choosing one can be tough. It’s no surprise that most of us find comfort in wrapping up the ‘usual suspects.’ But the fact is that gifting is an art, because every person is unique. And we believe their gift should be too. Which is why we have a fantastic gifting option lined up for you. It’s thoughtful, it’s personal, and it’s truly one of a kind – perfumes!  

But why perfumes, you ask? That’s because a heady mix of fragrances not only creates associations but also builds a strong emotional significance. After all, the fragrance you choose for someone conveys what they mean to you.

And it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Even if you struggle to tell (or should we say smell) the difference between an accord or a note, or you can’t differentiate between a woody and musky fragrance, don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have compiled a ready reckoner of perfumes that will not only help you choose the perfect fragrance but will also help you make a lasting impression.  

Here’s unveiling the list! 

Gifting Options For Men

We all love the men in our lives. Be it the goofy brother or the lovable father, or the romantic boyfriend or the perfect husband. Give each of them a gift of a lifetime and watch them shine in the olfactory hall of fame. After all, this extraordinary league of gentlemen deserves nothing less. 

For Husbands and Boyfriends

Give the man of your dreams the gift of his dreams, because if romance is in the air, it deserves to smell like love. But how do you decide on the fragrance? One way to find out is to don on your detective hats and rummage through his range of splash-on and aftershaves. It will give you an idea of the kind of fragrances he likes. If not, then play up his personality.  

Is he a man of depth and character? Then a woody profile is a way to go. The earthy element is rife with raw masculinity and a natural sensuousness, which will surely heighten the alpha-male quotient, much like Bentley Momentum Intense. 

Is your man enigmatic and mysterious? Then choose fragrances with notes of musk. Musk lends itself beautifully to a rich, elegant warmth. David Beckham Homme Eau De Toilette is just that. You can even balance these with citrusy and floral top notes, and you’ve got a winner! 

Is he adventurous? Go for spicy undertones and oriental compositions. A tad eccentric and undeniably sensual, this is just like him. You can opt for Jaguar Classic Black or Police Sinnerman.

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For Fathers and Fathers-In-Law

This deep-rooted bond deserves a gift that is beyond the ordinary. A gift that is as unwavering and strong as their love. And what better way to honour this connection than with a scent that will always remind them of you.  

If you are confused as to what to buy, think of his go-to’s. If he likes trying new things, you can experiment with eclectic notes. But if he is set in his ways, you can’t go wrong with a classic. And of course, personality is always a big tell.  

Is he outgoing and contemporary? Then he will definitely enjoy a zesty, aquatic fragrance. Compositions of seawater and fresh marine aromas, these fragrances have a jovial ring to it just like Bvlgari Aqva Pour. 

Is he debonair and refined? This gentleman will love a fragrance with spicy notes. It is elegant and grounded, and exudes an enormous amount of character. The Jaguar Classic Red is a perfect match. 

Is he daddy cool? He will love a fragrance as breezy as him. In such cases, citrusy notes work well, a blend of airiness, freshness, and tranquillity, the kind you will find in The United Colors Of Benetton Colors Man Black. 

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Gifting Options For Women

You can’t buy happiness, but you can certainly gift happiness in a bottle because these special women in your life deserve a gift just as special. Not only will this melt their hearts, but it will also win them over. Go on, and choose the one for ‘the one.’  

For Girlfriends and Wives

Show your romantic side and woo her in style. Gift her a heady mix of fragrances and she’s sure to fall head over heels in love with you again. 

Choose a fragrance that best defines her, because it’s not just a perfume, it’s an assertion of her personality and her unique style. Women usually have an eclectic collection of perfumes for different occasions and different moods. At times like these, it’s best to gift one that suits her personality.  

Is she a hopeless romantic? Then forget gifting her a bouquet, these floral notes will surely win her over. Soft, subtle, and full of heart, this fragrance is truly who she is. Opt for the Biotique Bio Royal Saffron, a floral explosion that’s absolute magic. 

Is she dynamic and free-spirited? Then you can’t go wrong with a fruity profile. A rich, juicy note ripe with undertones of femininity and fun, this fragrance is classically clean. Anna Sui Forbidden Affair is your go-to on this one. 

Is she sassy and feisty? She’ll enjoy a fragrance with a citrusy undertone. Like golden sunshine, this zesty, tangy note packs a punch. Try the Police To Be The Queen for your ladylove. 

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For Mothers and Mothers-In-Law

Your first best friend, your confidante, your pillar of strength, your cheerleader – she has aced many roles over time. While no gift can match her unconditional love, a perfume is a close contender. It is like giving the gift of time because whenever she wears it, she will reminisce her moments with you. If that isn’t timeless, we don’t know what is. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now here’s how you can choose a fragrance for her. 

Is she a bundle of warmth and tradition? Then opt for oriental fragrances. These classic, opulent notes are just as rich and steady as her love. And so is Yardley London Autumn Bloom. 

Is she an epitome of strength? She’ll love a woody profile, for sure. Grounded, earthy, and rooted, these notes exude a sense of comfort and consistency, just like Ajmal Desert Rose. 

Is she easy-going? Then she won’t be able to resist a fresh fragrance. By that, we mean an exotic blend of light, fruity and intoxicating, probably as crisp as the summer sun, and Aigner Pour Femme, to be precise.

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Gifting Options For Kith and Kin

They are the coveted extended family, and like a box of delicious chocolates, these too are an assorted mix of personalities. There’s one from every end of the spectrum but luckily, with perfumes, you’ll never run out of options. Because whatever their personality, there’s one for everyone. 

Are they always happy and positive? Then go for Patchouli. A concoction of sweet and spicy, this has earthy undertones and an undeniable vibe. Creation Lamis Cielo Classico for women, and Skinn by Titan for men, is the way to go. 

Are they the life of the party? They will gel well with a fruity profile. Characterized by invigorating, lively notes, this one is meant to be in the spotlight. Don’t miss Tommy Hilfiger Girl for women and Beverly Hills Polo Club Gift Set for men. 

Are they extroverts? Undoubtedly, spicy notes are it. Just like them, this attention-grabbing note is alluring, understated and yet arresting. It definitely demands a second look (or should we say, a second whiff.) Check out Playboy New York for women and Guess Night Access for men. 

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So there! It’s not so daunting now, is it? You don’t need to master the knowledge on perfumes; all you need to know is the individual. If all else fails, remember, your nose knows best. If you love what you smell and you think the person you’re gifting it to would love it as much, follow your heart. There’s no right or wrong. It’s all heart!  

On that note (pun intended, yes,) we’d like to say, happy gifting! 

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