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Warm Up Your House This Winter – Tips and Tricks 

With the climate getting colder in almost all parts of the country, it is important to keep a check on your health. As the pandemic rages, it is definitely not a great time for a visit to the hospital. With several parts of the country experiencing rains in December, one way to save yourself and your family from diseases is to keep warm.  

There are several ways to keep yourself cosy and warm this season. Wearing thermal outfits, covering yourself up in warm clothes, drinking something warm or simply having a heating system are some of those ways. However, none of these things is a permanent solution. You would not feel warm and cosy until your house is warm and protected from the icy draft.  

Let us check out a few tricks and techniques to warm up the different parts of your home.  

Living room

The living room is where you and your family spend most of the day, whether watching television or simply lounging together. It is, therefore, in your interest to make sure that this room is well protected and warm. 

One of the best ways to make sure that your living room is warm is by making its floor warm. Use rugs or carpets to cover your living room floor. If you buy good ones, you can rest assured that they last many seasons. Another reason why rugs are ideal is that you can choose to style your living room with it. A big cosy rug ensures that your tiled or marble flooring is covered and whether you walk barefoot or in socks, your feet remain warm.  

If you have curtains on your windows, make sure to change them into some heavy thick fabric or double fabric ones so that it does not allow cold wind to pass through. You can also make sure your balconies and verandas are curtained. Curtains at doorways in your living room can protect them from cold drafts even if the doors are closed. Make sure that you open your curtains when the sun shines during the day to let some sunlight in though. It not only helps in warming up your living room but also in reducing mildew and dampness that sometimes accompanies wintery rain.  

While you may not generally be using cushy pillows or throw blankets on your couch, winters would be a great time to do so. Find some cushy furry throw pillows, going with your living room interiors to warm up your couch. Add a throw blanket, preferably made of wool, in vibrant shades that can be used to cover your feet while you lounge on your couch with a book. Putting a hot water bag filled with warm water under the blanket for a while is another trick you can try for a cold night in. 

Lighting some candles can also ensure a warm living room. Find some fat candles in woody fragrances and light them up in corners of your living room. It will warm up your place, giving off a good toasty fragrance as well as add mood lighting for cosy dinners.  


Wood or floral-scented candles are a good option to keep bedrooms warm as well. Make sure you keep them away from your bed and that they are extinguished before you go to sleep.  

Have thick curtains on your bedroom windows to ensure that the cold does not seep in. This will keep your bedroom warm from winds that may try to come in through even closed windows. Make sure to open them during the day to let the sunshine in.   

One of the worse things about going to bed during winter is that your bed is never warm till you get in it and warm it with your body heat for a while. There is a trick to avoid this. Make sure that you have a good thick quilt or blanket to use in your bedroom. Spread it on your bed and keep a hot water bag under it on your bed. Do this at least an hour before you go to bed so that when you tuck yourself in, your bed is warm and toasty for you.  

Throw a rug near your bed. A bedroom is not generally a place for a carpet or rug but it is a good way to warm your bedroom flooring. It will also make sure that your feet do not get cold when you are getting out of your bed. 

If you have AC vents or piping vents or any natural ventilators in your bedroom, cover them up with tin or aluminium foil or bubble wraps. These are thick and opaque enough to not let cold air in and will ensure that your bedroom remains warm.  

Today, most of us use LED or CFL lights. These are energy-saving and cost much less on the bill. However, the incandescent lights or yellow bulbs that were used earlier, not only gave light but also generated heat. If you can change to these bulbs for the winter, that would be a good way to ensure that your rooms remain warm. While it may cost more in your electricity bill, it is much less than an electric heater.  


It is much easier to keep the kitchen warm as working on a stove ensures heat all around in the kitchen. However, if you have an electric stove or an induction stove, you will need to add some tricks to warm your kitchen.  

Lighting candles is a good way to ensure a warm kitchen. If you can get your hands on a vintage lantern, that would be a great addition to your kitchen. It would give warmth as well as add to the vibe.  

If you have an oven and have done some baking, leave the door open for a while. The heat from the oven will make sure that your kitchen remains warm.  

While it is not advisable to use a rug in your kitchen, you can throw in a small rug in different corners of the kitchen. This will protect your kitchen floor from getting too cold. 

Let the sun in during the day inside your kitchen. It will not only warm your kitchen but also cleanse it off toxins and germs.  


General techniques 

Keep small hot water bags near your towels to ensure that they remain warm for your use.  

Seal all the leaks and tiny holes so that there is no icy draft coming in. These neglected holes are some of the primary reasons why your house does not feel warm, how much ever you try.  

Light up candles or lanterns wherever possible. With good light, it will not only save electricity but will also heat up your house, especially hallways, verandas, etc. 

Close up unused rooms. If you have any room that is not in use, it is advisable to shut it. This will ensure that cold air is not circulated throughout the house.  

For a disease-free winter, it is important to keep warm inside and outside. Make sure you follow some of these tips and tricks to protect yourself and your family by keeping your house warm too. 

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