6 Iconic celebrity hairstyles

Styles come and go, but some are timeless. Just like these icons, who’ve given us cult hairdos, each with a unique signature style. Some made headlines, some made careers. But all are talked about even today. After all, a style can change an image and the world. Each of these hairstyles has the power to encapsulate an era, and catapult a fashion movement.

Here are 6 iconic hairdos that got it right. Go on, give it a read. Who knows, your next life-changing look is probably on the list.


Pic courtesy – sadhana_shivdasani_fan_page

Apart from giving us memorable movies, Sadhana has also given us a timeless style statement with The ‘Sadhana Cut’. Inspired by Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn, Sadhana’s iconic wispy fringe gave her a demure kind of seductiveness that remains inimitable even today. It was a path-breaking style at the time, and she carried the look with élan, making her the style symbol. She not only created an impact that has lasted decades, but she’s also given Bollywood a style that promises to wow even today.

Style tip: Blow-dry your bangs while your hair is still wet. That’s because bangs dry fast, and when they begin to air-dry, they start to set into their natural shape. The sooner you start stylish, the better results you’ll see.


Pic courtesy – sharmilaxtagore

A trendsetter of the 80s, Sharmila Tagore was the epitome of elegance and grace. This dimpled beauty not only rocked the silver screen, but also created a niche of her own with her signature bouffant hairstyle. A humble middle parting teamed with curled flicks and beehive buns, she single-handedly popularized the elaborate updo and soon became the symbol of modish fashion. Her striking style was nothing short of a masterstroke that showcased both finesse and oomph that would make the fashion police proud.

Style tip: Adorn your bouffant with rhinestones or flowers for that classic vintage hairdo.


Pic courtesy – princesdianaa

She paved way for the biggest trends of her time, an era when she was the most-watched style icon. Right from her impeccable style to her wind-swept fashioned mushroom cut, she set new style standards every time. Her signature style, a voluminous pixie with a cascade of cropped cheekbone-cutting, chin-grazing layers, inspired millions of women across to globe to embrace her look. Her style was undoubtedly her power statement, and she was undoubtedly the People’s Princess.

Style tip: Use a blow-dryer and a round brush to achieve that neat blown-away look. Set your hair by applying a serum.


Pic courtesy – camillefaurie64260

When this Charlie’s Angels flaunted her big, bouncy mane, she ignited a trend revolution. Her feathered look with dramatic bangs took the world by storm. A blend of drama and dare, this golden-maned beauty gave us serious hair goals. She made quite the style statement as she flaunted her frothy mane of curls with an undeniable feminine edge. So much so, that feathered waves are an ‘in thing’ even today.

Style tip: A trick to maintaining lots of volume is to twist your hair into a top-knot before you go to sleep. This will help to retain the curl formation.


Pic courtesy – welovemarilyn

Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle was one of the most prominent aspects of her personality. Her iconic platinum blonde hair and signature glamour waves won many a hearts back then, and continue to inspire even today. The perfect combination of raw sensuality and innocence, her flirty, wispy golden cluster made everyone’s heart flutter. She gave The Golden Age Of Hollywood a trend that lives on even today.

Style tip: An easy way to get curls is by tying your hair into the Bantu knots and applying a flat iron on it. These will give you an incredibly gorgeous mass of wild curls.


Pic courtesy – bemisal_dev_anand

The Debonair Devsaab was an original trendsetter during his time. His much-loved signature puff was a rage and a fashion statement. Celebrated as a classic romantic hero, he set new trends, and hearts racing. His charismatic persona redefined fashion when the industry was at a nascent stage. His quintessential style and striking personality epitomized a style that’s as evergreen as him, even today.

Style tip: To achieve a perfect puff, go for light, volumizing mousse products. Preferably avoid gel products that stiffen hair.

So, that concludes an impactful journey through the decades. Each of their individual styles has created headlines, and inspired millions to experiment with their look. These hairstyles have stood the test of time and are instantly recognizable. In an age where trends change at express speed, these powerful style statements are fondly remembered even today, and will probably still be as iconic in the generations to come.


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