6 Must-haves on your date

Love is in the air. And while you are getting ready to be wined, dined, and romanced in style, your mind is probably in an overdrive ensuring that the minutest of details are perfect. We get it. The excitement is contagious, and we can’t help but play Cupid as we help you pack those beauty must-haves. 

Yes, you heard right. We have eased your load and picked out 6 products that you absolutely need to put in your bag right now! With these essentials at arm’s length (literally!) we promise you a night as flawless as you! 

Here goes! 

Hair Brush

Never, ever forget to carry a hairbrush. You wouldn’t want to meet your date with messy, unruly hair. If at all the weather decides to play tease or a bumpy ride leaves it in tangles, whip out your brush and get those tresses looking as gorgeous as ever! Flip your hair in style, and it’s sure to flip him out. 

Our pick – Roots Golden Rim Shell Finish Paddle Hair Brush 

This classy brush is the perfect combination of style and utility. It is designed with cushioned, rounded bristles that are gentle on your scalp, and prevents scraping or damage to hair cuticles. The sturdy tortoise-shell design with a delicate hint of gold gives it the sophistication it deserves. 

Face Mist

Just like how you need your hourly dose of water, your skin needs its hydration boost too. That’s where a face mist comes into play. It not only helps to perk up your skin but also helps to keep it fresher for longer. Just spritz over your face and keep your skin as happy as ever! After all, it’s not just loving that brings the glow. 

Our pick – BodyHerbals Calming Facial Mist (Rose Water Distilled) 

Give your skin an instant boost with this amazing product. Packed with natural lavender, it provides antioxidants and brightens the skin. It also helps to tone and hydrate the skin. The best part is that it can also be sprayed over makeup for an instant glow. 

Pressed Powder

This is an absolute date must-have because the T-zone is a tricky little thing that can act up anytime. Be it the heat or simply the nervous excitement of meeting your date, a glistening forehead, nose, and chin are not a pretty sight. A quick dab and you’ll feel as fresh as ever! Now save yourself the embarrassment and save face with this, literally!  

Our pick – Lakme Radiance Complexion Compact  

Get flawless skin instantly with this dynamic compact. Enriched with replenishing qualities of vitamin E and C, its advanced Micromesh and Allantoin complex formula will keep you soft and smooth. This super portable compact is all the armour you need. 


The Holy Grail of beauty, lipsticks are one glam essential you cannot forget. And nothing screams date night quite like the quintessential red lipstick. This magical accessory can transform your lips to feel utterly sexy and amp up your glam quotient instantly. After all, what’s a romantic date night without a seductive red pout, right? 

Our pick – Maybelline New York Sensational Liquid Matte Lipstick (Flush It Red) 

Rock your lips with this sensational shade of red. This product delivers an intense matte colour without weighing your lips down. This non-sticky, non-drying lipstick ensures complete coverage, and complete attention too. 

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a big no-no, especially on a date. Make sure you always have your ultimate arsenal with you – a lip balm. This handy little product is a beauty boon that will keep your lips nourished, moisturised, and oh-so-kissable! 

Our pick – The Face Shop Lip Care Cream  

Enriched with the goodness of shea butter, this product nourishes deeply and hydrates intensely to help heal chapped lips. Compact in size, it’s easy to carry and easier to use, anywhere any time! 


Smelling great is just as important as looking great. Body odour can be a huge turn-off, so it’s always wise to carry perfume. Keep spritzing as and when you feel the need to freshen up, and smell great all through your date. A pleasant fragrance is not only a confidence booster but also leaves a lasting impression. 

Our pick – BIOTIQUE Bio Blissful Lavender 

This perfume evokes the depth and intensity of the sea. Notes of fresh lavender, mandarin and marine accords mingled with the deep captivating radiance of musk, this seductive fragrance is the perfect date essential. 

So there you have it. With your beauty arsenal in tow, you can rest assured the first date won’t be the last. And if you’re a couple who’s been dating for a while, we promise he’ll fall in love with you all over again. And remember, never forget a ready smile and your sense of humour. Team them up with the perfect makeup, hair, and skin, and you’ve got a winner. Go out there and have fun! The night is yours to own. 

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