Dolphin skin makeup tutorial

2021 Spring/Summer makeup trends have taken a unique turn and given us a lot of new inspirational looks. Using minimal products and giving your skin a soft glow or a dewy finish is one of the key attractions. Let’s try it for ourselves, shall we?

Video by Franky

7 comments on “Dolphin skin makeup tutorial

  1. Purpleblushe

    Loved itt😍

  2. Harshika Jaiswal

    That glow😍😍😍….you look beautiful ❀️

  3. Such a pretty look ❀️

  4. Gorgeous

  5. fueledbydebra


  6. taglientimua

    I love this trend! Dolphin skin is amazing! Love your blog, glad I came across it. Followed you xxx

  7. You are so pretty! What a great tutorial, amazing job πŸ™‚

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