The art of selecting the right colours for your makeup

Makeup is all about colours and how you play with them. There are hundreds and thousands of hues to choose from. But not all shades are perfect for everyone. Unless you choose the ideal colour for your makeup, all the makeup mastery will fail in an instance. We are not makeup artists who live their life among colours. Still, we can do a great job of choosing the perfect makeup tones for ourselves. First, we need to know our skin tone and undertone. Skin tone is a common thing, but undertone selection is a bit tricky. If you see green veins peeking through the skin in natural light, then you have a warm undertone. If the veins look blue, then it’s a cool undertone. If both, then you have a neutral undertone. Let’s perfect the art of selecting the right colours for our makeup right now! 

Best Colours for Light Complexion



Be it warm or cool undertoned, peach always clicks with every attire and occasion. If you have a lighter complexion, you can’t opt for a vibrant orange daily. The peach tone becomes a saviour for you. You can do a beautiful fresh peach cheek look for daytime office makeup. A soft wash of peach on the eyes gives you a sober spring vibe. Intense smokey eye with peach lips doesn’t need anything else at all.

Dusty Rose

The dusty rose shade is yet another sober shade for every day as well as party makeup. Baby pink has too much blue in its undertone, it doesn’t fare well to the warm and warm-neutral Indian complexions. The perfect mix of brown and pink makes the dusty rose a universal shade. Everybody can carry this wearable shade. You can create any makeup with this one shade; from intense smokey pink to no-makeup rosy-lips look.

Classic Red

Blue-based classic red is the best bright shade for lighter skin tones. Irrespective of the skin tone, you apply a red, and you’ll be the centre of attention. Red generally looks best as a lip colour, but you can play with it as you wish. Pale red blush looks fabulous as cocktail makeup. You may also try red-gold cut crease for your big day.  

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Best Colours for Wheatish Complexion


The warm brown shade with a hint of rust, what we often name as terracotta, is the best colour choice for wheatish skin tone. This particular skin type has an inherent lush warmth to the undertone. Terracotta shades have ample warmth to it, and this brings out the best of wheatish skin. Terracotta looks pretty on lips. You can use it for contouring your crease or bronzing your face.


Don’t get disappointed if your favourite peach or dusty rose shade makes you look dull. If you have wheatish complexion, mauve is the best wearable pink you may ever find. Mauve has a slight edge of purple and a hint of brown. This killer combination looks great as blush and lip colour for warm skin tones. You can easily put on a monotone eye look or an everyday smokey look with your kajal and a mauve blush.


Here comes the party shade for wheatish skin tones. Majority of the wheatish skin girls stay away from bright pinks like fuchsia in fear of ‘colour overdose’. Let me tell you, the exact colour of fuchsia shows only on wheatish skin tones. Instead of using the same old pale pink blush, try the fuchsia blushes for once, and you’ll see what I am trying to tell. Fuchsia lips and dreamy fuchsia glitter eyes add the much-needed drama to even your most boring makeup. 

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Best Colours for Dusky Complexion


Straightway reds often look pink on the dusky complexion. Maroons, on the other hand, brings the royal vibe to dusky skin. Maroon looks deep and vampy on most skin tones. But, its real red tinge fits perfectly on pigmented lips. Maroon red looks utterly pretty as theme eye colour for bridal or cocktail cut-crease eyes.


Berry is the best bright pink for dusky beauties. Pinks, purples and fuchsias often fail to click, but a perfect purple mixed berry shade will make you stand out in the crowd. What’s more, you can even flaunt berry-toned lips and eyes for everyday looks. Monotone berry look is quite happening these days, but you can opt for intense berry smokey eyes of boho looks with it.

Latte Brown

When nothing works, latte works without fail. It’s not only true for a physical energy boost but with makeup too! Latte brown is a deep warm brown and no doubt it’s the best nude lip and eye colour for deeper complexions. When you are not in the mood for full-coverage makeup, a little touch of latte on the lips will instantly refresh your whole look. This is a lovely shade to create a perfect smudged smokey liner too! 

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Go on and try these colours to bring out your glam!


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