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Travelling with an infant? Take heed of these tips…

Be prepared and make the most of your journey!

Before you go on your trip, it is best that you pay a visit to the doctor and get all the necessary medications for your baby (in case he/she falls sick, gets rashes, has allergies, etc)

There are many parents who don’t travel anywhere until their babies are three-year-olds, and then, there are those who don’t like to stay at home at any cost. Truth be told, we all need a break from the routine and wish to create precious memories with the little one. So before you head out, pay heed to these tips to make the most of your journey.

Medical needs

Before you go on your trip, it is best that you pay a visit to the doctor and get all the necessary medications for your baby (in case he/she falls sick, gets rashes, has allergies, etc). There are chances that the change in climate and atmosphere can affect your baby. Also, when you zero in on the destination, find out the addresses of the paediatricians close by. You can either ask the hotel itself or find it online. In this manner, you are fully prepared.

Pack the essentials

The first and foremost thing that parents need to do is pack all the baby essentials, especially when you have a long trip planned for the entire family. Think of all the necessary items that you might need during the journey. Apart from the basic items like diapers, instant food items, stroller, blankets, thermos, bottles and pacifiers, you will also need useful things for safety like front carrier, car seat, etc. Also, during the trip, your child might need some entertainment, and for this, you can take a few small-sized toys and picture books that will keep him/her busy.

Make sure you stack up on the baby food

Look for a kitchen

A lot of parents don’t prefer to stay at hotels because every time they need to boil water or milk, or make something on their own, they can’t help but sit at the hotel room, order these things and increase their food bills. The best thing that you can do is, rent a villa or an apartment that allows you to access the kitchen. This way, no matter where you go, you can always feed your baby something that’s healthy and reheat the liquid items without any extra bills.

Ask your partner for help

You go on a trip to enjoy a new place, but there’s no fun when only one parent gets to do that? Yes, one of you might be better at babysitting but both need to share the responsibility. Make sure you balance your time in a way that you and your partner get to explore the destination equally. Better still, make of a list of all the fun things you can do with the baby and enjoy time as a family.

Take a walk

Whether you’re on a flight, in a train or at the hotel, make sure your baby is enjoying himself as well. Often, a new location, weather and new faces scare the baby and irritate him. But when you engage with the baby, and play with him, he will feel better. Best is to take your baby along on a walk (better if you have a stroller). Gardens and parks are best places to go to, as you can show him colourful flowers and trees. Also, no matter how uncomfortable you feel to walk in front of strangers in a train or a plane, carry your baby with you and walk as much as you can as this will keep your baby in a chirpy mood.

Make your reservations

It’s always helpful when you plan ahead as you get to choose the right time (weathers also make an impact on baby’s mood).  For example, if you’re going to a beach destination in summers, you cannot stay at a makeshift shack where there’s no proper temperature control system. As a parent, you will have to sacrifice by skipping a few places that you really want to visit. But, if you plan ahead, you would come prepared and won’t complain much, and enjoy the things that will excite your baby.

It is always best to carry extra diapers 

Don’t panic

Always remember, you’ve come to a foreign land to inspire yourself and unload your stress. So, be ready to expect the known and whatever happens, don’t panic. Keep safety in check, but there’s nothing more you can do. Whether it is a rough road drive or a delayed train journey, there are some things that that are not in your control. So, there’s no point cribbing for it and spoiling your mood. Don’t ever feel miserable during your trip because of the new adjustment. You don’t want to go back home with unpleasant memories, do you?

Make friends, but don’t leave your baby

Once you’re settled in your villa or hotel, don’t be afraid of strangers. There will be times when people will try to interact with your baby, and allow their infants to play with him as well. Go ahead, and let your little one have a good time with them. But, at the same time, don’t trust someone so much that you leave your baby with that person for long. Always be with your baby, because as a parent, you will have to stay alert.

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