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Purple fruits & veggies and their amazing benefits

If you thought that purple was just a striking gemstone for royalty, think again. If a purple crystal can be healing from the outside imagine what health effect the colour purple can have on the inside….and of course, we mean purple food.

We thought of adding some amazing vibrancy to your mood so here we are talking about purple foods. An abundant eggplant is as silken to look and feel, and it is as tasty when you take a bite of it. From baigan bajji or begun bhaja as a true-blue Bengali will call this mouth-watering dish to a crunchy salad, purple food is here to stay.

Purple in food is more than just colour; it is an anti-ageing nutrient that brings a lot of health benefits to you. Favoured by health enthusiasts, the vibrant hue suggests the presence of healthy components in that food.

Everyone knows that eating fresh fruits and more veggies is a great way to stay on your feet, but did you know that foods with the colour purple are packed with tremendous anti-ageing benefits?

Well, they are, and we tell you how these purple-coloured foods help you stay and also feel younger for a long. Let us explore the wild connection between the shade and our food.

Loaded with anthocyanins

Whether it is blueberries, goji berries, or acai berries, all purple fruits and vegetables are loaded with anthocyanins. The colour indicates the density of nutrients and antioxidants. So, the darker the hue the more nutritious is the vegetable. These anthocyanins protect against memory loss, cardiovascular disease, and other age-related diseases and may help prevent cancer.

It is no wonder then that purple food is trending.

Great for the skin

Plums, blackberries and blueberries are full of antioxidants that prevent the skin from free radical damage. Blueberries contain vitamin C which also helps boost collagen in the skin and helps the body absorb iron. Purple foods thus are an easy way to make your skin stay younger for longer by preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

How many of us have not tried jamuns, raise your hands? Besides getting a thrill out of seeing a purple-stained tongue, these long berries are loaded with goodness.

Keeps blood pressure in check

The natural purple pigment on these purple foods contains flavonoids such as resveratrol. They help boost immunity which in turn is believed to aid in preventing certain cancers. These flavonoids also help control blood pressure.

Immunity boosters

These royal-coloured foods, especially blackberries (which are dark purple) contain a high level of antioxidants such as bioflavonoids and also Vitamin C. These great immunity boosters thus ensure that you stay healthy.

Helps in weight management

A proponent of purple food, singer Mariah Carey got rid of her extra pounds after pregnancy by going on a purple food diet.

Purple foods such as purple cauliflower, purple sweet potatoes, purple asparagus, and purple carrots are rich in pro-vitamin A carotenoids and anthocyanins. These are powerful antioxidants that help manage weight by aiding weight loss.

A decrease of damage in cells, increase in HDL cholesterol, reduction in inflammation, protection from cognitive damage and neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, and also cancer, make purple-coloured plants and fruits an excellent source of good health as well.

Packed with immense health benefits, these amazing purple foods are not only delicious but also nutritious. Whether it’s plums, figs, acai berries, blackberries, purple carrots, eggplants, or any other purple fruit or plants, there are varieties of these delicious nibbles you can tuck. This will only help you to stay healthy and younger for longer.

Colour your life purple with these ‘superfoods’ if you have not done so yet.

Some common purple foods you must include in your diet:

Beetroot: Say purple foods and beets are the first veggies that come to one’s mind. A versatile veggie: it can be eaten raw (as in salad) or cooked (as in sabzi). Considered a superfood, beets are always found in Indian kitchens.

Brinjal: Apart from the immensely popular baingan bharta try the begun bhaja, a Bengali speciality you cannot miss.

Purple cabbage: Nothing can beat the scrunch bite of purple salad. Throw in some more veggies and salad ingredients to make it a complete meal. Finally, drizzle in Jamun vinegar which we promise will give you that zest you will never forget.

Have you tried sweet potato? With a hint of sweetness, this root is jam-packed with health benefits. Need we say more?

What about Yam?: Who can ever forget the bite-size pieces of yam in the mouth-watering undiyu!

So dear reader, pick purple and stay healthy!

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      You can order from big basket. Alternatively, local vegetables shops have also started keeping these exotic items.

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