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4 ideas to build and decorate a relaxing space

One of the common ailments affecting almost everyone these days is stress. Everywhere you see, people are trying various methods to reduce their stress factors either by taking a relaxing vacation or by indulging in a spa and massage or simply by learning yoga and mindful techniques. However, most of these methods are either short term or expensive to carry on every day. That is why, in recent times, the importance of having some me-time has garnered attention.

While dealing with the day to day activities involving family, household, work, finance and others, you forget to take care of the most important being in this – You. You need to take out some time for yourself. Be it doing some activity you love or simply sitting at a place to quietly enjoy a cup of tea, it is of utmost importance for your physical and mental well-being that you figure out a space to relax in and be with yourself.

Having a space in your house which can help you relax is a useful thing. This corner could be where you work on your hobby or listen to music, read or simply sit. Depending on what you like, you can customize a corner in your home with ideas which exactly do the job of relaxing you.

We are going to list four different ideas here to help you decide how to go about creating that me-space.

Green corner

If you are a gardener like me, I am sure nothing relaxes you more than being surrounded by green plants and fresh smelling mud. That’s why a corner which embodies this love of gardening and plants is ideal for you.

Find a place in your house which has good light and ventilation, ideally near a window. It shouldn’t be too hot or too windy to sit there. You can affix a small fan if you think it could help. Find yourself a shelf or open stand that can hold small to medium planters. You can either get one built or find one that suits your needs in the market. Make sure it is sturdy enough. Now, pick a few plants that you love. You can go for some beautiful succulents or some flowering plants. I personally love foliage plants as they not only are resplendent but also need far too less attention. You can place these plants either on the shelf or on the window or even on the floor, depending on where you would be looking. If you want, you can add some knicks and knacks, collectibles or play around by stringing fairy lights or even go retro with old fashioned hanging lamps.

Finally, get yourself a good relaxing chair. A recliner or a comfortable single couch would be a superb choice. You can add earth coloured throw pillows and a lovely throw. An insignificant looking side table can be added to hold your cup of beverage or a book.

Make sure that the plants you choose are placed in your eyeline. The point of this space is for you to relax so do not add anything that may try to interrupt relaxation. This includes your phone as well.

If you wish to be extravagant, you can add a fake waterfall set up or an aquarium. Moving water is a scientifically proven factor for relaxation.

Reading corner

There are many people who find reading a relaxing activity. They can shut out the chaos around them and get lost in the world of books. This idea of building a comfort corner is for those people.

Here, the most important item that you need to buy is the chair. As you are going to be sitting and reading, you need to be ergonomically comfortable. So, get yourself a comfortable single couch. It must be something in which you can sink in completely and yet find a comfortable position to read. You can also get yourself an ottoman to put your feet up. Adding throw pillows and a throw in muted shades is also a great idea.

You must have a side table to hold your books or a cup of your beverage. If you like the feeling of being surrounded by books, you can build a shelf around your corner to hold all your precious literature. Add a plant or some collectible to break the monotony of books and you have got yourself a comfy looking nook of pleasure.

As you are going to spend most of your time reading in this corner, lighting is of utmost importance here. If you can find a corner near a window that provides natural light, it is ideal. However, you can also have a light source that is relaxing on the eyes while making it easier to read. Soft orange light is the best in the scenario as it does not strain the eye and provides a good glow.

Furry friend corner

One of the best activities that can relax you is spending time with or playing with your furry friend. If you are a pet person, you would know how much a dog or cat or any pet, for that matter, can help you relax. Spending time with them, playing, teaching them tricks, grooming them or even quietly sitting with them snoozing on your lap can take the load off. Again, a scientifically proven fact, dogs and cats are known to significantly help with lifestyle ailments like depression, anxiety and stress.

While the whole house is your playground when it comes to playing with your pet, you can build a comfortable corner to relax with them. While dogs love to play around, they and cats love to sit on your lap and just snooze, while you play with their fluffy fur. Therefore, instead of a single sofa, you need to find a small settee or a plush couch to comfortably accommodate the two of you. You should be able to sit or lie down comfortably while either making space for your furry friend or letting it sit on your lap. A word of caution, however, for the fabric to be used here. Ensure that the couch is made of leather to avoid pet hair from sticking and ruining the couch.

You need to have a small chest of drawers or some other storage unit to store your pet’s treats and toys. It can also double up as a table to hold your beverage or book. You can decorate the area with art or photos of your furry friend. A plant or some collectible can elevate the space even more.

Miscellaneous activity corner

While some people find that doing nothing or snoozing or reading relaxes them, there are people who relax by doing some activity they love. They could be painting, craft, writing, stitching or knitting or even clay modelling. Depending on what you love to do to reduce your stress, you can decorate your corner of comfort.

As a table and chair set is of importance when it comes to painting or craft or writing, ensure that your set is comfortable for your sitting or standing position. You need to have a shelf or storage unit to store your supplies. Lighting too becomes important here as you need to have a good view.

If your activity involves creativity, like in art and creation, it is always a good idea to surround yourself with what you believe is the epitome of creativity. It could be books by great authors, paintings by brilliant artists, or something similar. You could also decorate the corner with your own creations. It could be a motivating yet relaxing view. Adding green plants is always a good idea.

Depending on what relaxes you, you can build and decorate your relaxation corner by adding the related items and decor. The important thing here is to find that Zen-like comfort and cut back on your stress.

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